Friday, June 30, 2006

Not a bad way to spend the day

Had my doctor's appointment this morning for that ultra sound of my heart. The technician doing the ultra sound said my heart looked fine. She also said the radiologist will look over the test result and talk to the doctor about it in the next few days. I'm not worried about it at all anymore.

Took my Mom and my Grand daughter to the Disney picture "Cars". We all enjoyed the afternoon. Afterwards I took my grand daughter on a much needed clothes shopping trip. Poor kid is growing out of all her shorts. I took care of that with a few new pairs. Dropped her off at the hair shop where my daughter works and she cut her hair some more. Deydra wanted it pretty short since it's so hot. Heather told her no more hair cuts for the rest of the summer now. She so darn cute it doesn't matter if her hair is short or long.

Now I'm home for the rest of the evening to sit here and rest and unwind. It's been a good day off that's for sure.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A romantic weekend get away............

The day started out like any other. Busy morning getting things ready to go and stop by and talk to a few people that needed done before he could leave for a couple of days. The weather was tolerable. The sun was out but it was overcast too. Very warm but not so hot that you couldn't stand the heat. Finally it's time to go. They drove to Annapolis for a stop on the way to the final destination. Once in Annapolis they walked around the historic town which just happens to be the State's Capitol. A stroll through the Naval Academy was halted because she left her ID in the truck. Security says you have to have one to go through the gate. They didn't mind that so much as they just continued their walk around town and came upon the Marina. Lots of yachts to see of various shapes and sizes. Dreams can happen by just gazing upon those yachts. The sun came out and the heat was rising. It felt good but some lunch in the air conditioning was much needed. After a quick lunch at Subway, they ventured back to the truck and headed on down the highway to their final destination. To get where they were headed, they needed to cross over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. She never saw it before and was very impressed by it's size. She loves the water and bridges as it is. If the sun would have stayed out and it wasn't hazy again, she would have been able to capture the bridge so much better. The views were awesome and she kept saying how nice it would be to be able to live in that area. She's positive that some day she wants to live on waterfront property.

Never hearing of Oxford, Md before, she wasn't sure what to expect. She trusted him fully in his surprise. The surprise was the Bed & Breakfast he chose for them to stay at. Oxford, as it turns out, is a very quiet and peaceful community with NOTHING to do there. It even states so in the brochure. " There are 2 things to do here in Oxford. #1 is to hop on the ferry and spend the day in St. Michael's. #2 is to do nothing." They chose #2. You see, they are very busy people all the time. They need a place to unwind and relax and not have to worry about what has to be done by when etc. etc... They found this place here in Oxford. There is no room service. There is no TV in your room. There is no fastfood joint up the road. There isn't even a corner store. What there is, is quiet streets with very few cars going by. There are a few people out taking walks. There is a yacht club with people enjoying their sailing. There is a spectacular view of the water with small open spaces of beach to either sit on or walk along.

She loved his choice of Bed & Breakfast. It was elegant yet "homy" at the same time. Their room was a very nice large room with a private screened in porch. To just sit on the porch nestled together on the wicker loveseat and watch the sailboats go by was so relaxing that they momentarily forgot what day of the week it was. They took a stroll through the quiet town and stopped at the tavern the Inn provided for a few drinks. They walked back to the B & B and sat on the chaise lounges on the lawn over looking the water. The yacht club offered great entertainment as they watched a few sailboat races. Neither of them at all sure what the sailboats were doing and was certain a few were going to capsize, they enjoyed the show anyway. The Inn provided a grand dinner serving their famous crab cakes. She was certain she wasn't going to like them since she doesn't prefer to eat crab, but lobster instead, completely enjoyed the crab cakes!! Highly recommends them by the way. When dinner was over they strolled back for a nice quiet evening to enjoy each other's company. They have been apart far too long. The sun was setting and they took their cameras down to the water front to sit and watch the sunset together,taking as many photos as possible of the hazy setting sun. The few passing sailboats helped make the photos even better. It almost looked planned. Leaning against him, she felt like those passing sailboats, sailing off together in the sunset. (she has girlie moments that she doesnt let him know about).

Wanting to spend even more snuggle time together, they went up to their private screened in porch. The breeze was picking up yet still warm enough to enjoy. He went out and sat on the loveseat in just a pair of shorts. She freshened up and slipped out of her clothes and slipped on a sheer bathrobe. Comfort was the main goal to a good snuggle. Their were a few people in the yard below that were staying in the rooms below them. They thought for sure these people would bother them but as it turns out it added a bit romance to moment. She was feeling the need to be touched and made it know by placing her legs across him while he sat reading the brochures offered by the B & B. She was reading her book she brought to read on the plane trip over to see him. While they were reading, he placed his hands on her legs and she opened up even more to allow him to notice she was bare beneath the robe. He took full advantage of this and she no longer felt the need to read her book but to rather enjoy his touch. As he moved his touch further over her body, she enjoyed the moment fully. She kept her eye on the small group of people below them to make sure no one was glancing up at them. She was certain they couldn't see them in the dark on the porch, but was being cautious at the same time. They both grew more aroused as the touching went on and she was glad the people below went inside their own room as she couldn't just lay there anymore and had to move onto him. It was a very satisfying climactic moment for them both. They needed at that moment to go inside their own room for the continuation of the evening.

To have a place so romantic and not take advantage of it would be unheard of. They left the door to the porch open all night to listen to the sounds of the waves beating on the shoreline. No other sounds could be heard except the breathing of each other as they drifted off to sleep. The morning came early and they welcomed it knowing they were in no hurry and didn't have to be all day. He took an early morning stroll up to the main Inn for coffee leaving behind his much used cell phone. She knew at that moment that he was more relaxed than his been in a very long time. She smiled when she saw it. They took a morning stroll down to the beach and just listened. Peaceful. The skyline looked more clear than the day before so they knew it was going to be another nice day. She found a struggling horseshoe crab on the beach that the tide washed in and helped turn it over and they watched it scurry back toward the water. They collected a few seashells. Mostly all oyster shells, but special none the less to them. It was time to check out of the B & B as unfortunetley they only had it for the one night. They discovered the town was having their 18th annual cardboard box boat races so they ventured down to watch that. They had a great morning and enjoyed seeing the locals having such great fun. Yachts and sailboats and just regular boats came from different areas to anchor and watch the races as well. That was a spectacular morning.

It was time to leave Oxford. Sad and wishing it could last a lifetime, they were happy to know they had photos to look back on to remember every special moment they had there together. They took the ferry over to the other side to go on up to St. Michaels for the day. St. Michael's is a tourist community. Much different than Oxford. There are plenty of shops to visit and souveniors to purchase. They went to the Maritime Museum and saw alot of interesting things from waterfowl to lighthouses. They ate lunch at the Crab Claw restaurant. She saw lobster on the menu and knew she wasn't having anything else. He had a seafood sampler platter. When her lobster arrived at the table all red and well cooked, she was shocked to see it was the ENTIRE lobster and not just the tail. So funny a thought that she took a photo of it before consuming it. They bought a few souveniors to take back and knew it was time to go. Although they were only gone for 2 days, it seemed to her as though they were gone a month or more. It's always nice to be with the one you love and get lost in the moment and loose track of time. The headed back across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and headed for home. The skys darkened and the rains came.

She didn't want to sleep that night. She knew that when she did, she'd wake up in the morning and it would all be over and she would have to leave and go back to her own place. Sleep came to her but it wasn't easy. She hates leaving him. It's the hardest thing to do. She stays strong till she's out of his sight at the airport then lets the tears fall. She only shed a few this time as her airport travels were busy and she didn't have time to dwell on being sad. She nearly missed her connecting flight in Philidelphia as the terminals are several football feilds in length apart and she had to literally run from one gate to the next to get her shuttle to take her to the correct terminal. When she finally arrived at her gate, they had alreadly started to board her plane. She was relieved she hadn't missed it, but sad she didn't have time to call him to let him know she had arrived safely. (someday she'll get a cell phone). She arrived safley back home with time to actually rest for 45 minutes before having to go to work for the night. She misses him so much that when they do get time to be together, she takes advantage of every given moment possible and doesn't worry about the possibilities that she could have been really late to work. He's more important to her.

The have been discussing a future get away........................

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Relaxing get-a-way

Words cannot express how relaxing and wonderful this get-a-way was for the both of us. However, in the next day or 2 I'll try.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Vacation is over

We had a great time together and sad that it's back to reality so soon. I flew in yesterday and only had enough time for a 45 minute nap then get dressed and go to work. I went to Mom's and picked up my dog this morning and now I need to spend some much needed time with him before I go to work again tonight. I'll be posting more about my vacation in the next few days. Right now I'm too tired and have a sinus headache to tend to.

I want to thank all of you that stopped by and commented about my thoughts on whether to continue blogging. I'm pretty sure my decsion has been made. Details on that later. Now it's time for the puppy.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Something to think about....

This could very well possibly be my very last post. I have things to think about regarding my blogging. I have been enjoying the release of things on my mind for well over a year now. After having to delete my first blog and start this new one, I just may be at a point in time where I'll stop altogether now. I know for this week atleast it will be my last entry as I leave tomorrow to go see Bob until Sunday morning!! A much needed mini vacation in more ways than one. Anyone reading this may wonder why I'm on this line of thinking. All I'll say is that because of a few readers I have, I feel I can't truely express myself in the way I want to. Sometimes I just want to pound away on this keyboard and get shit off my's why I titled my blog "It's my everything". I feel limited and that's not good. Sometimes I type entire posts and then just delete them. There are some things I'd love to vent about but don't want certain people to know what's on my mind or that I just want to vent and someone reading it will take the wrong way not realizing I just need to get it out of my head. Blogging for me has given me an escape from my thoughts and introduced me to people all over. It's opened up alot for me. I love feed back on my thoughts most of the time. Sometimes I just need to write about my days and don't expect any responses at all. Now that I feel limited in what I can talk about, I just may stop all together. I just have to think about it. When I started this new blog I was positive it was completely annonymous so I felt free to speak my mind. I just don't know now what I can say or not say anymore. Everyone will tell me....."it's your blog and you can say anything in here you want to and shouldn't worry about what other people think about it" me, that's exactly how I feel, but in reality, that's not how it is. I know I'm talking in circles here and probably not making sense, but some very personal questions were asked of me yesterday by someone that I took as "fishing" for information. Most of the questions asked where started out with "can I ask you a personal question?" Naturally I said yes but regretted it right away. #1 I don't like being put on the spot. I don't lie so I answered most of the questions. It's been weighing on my mind alot overnight.

The thing with this blog is, if I feel the need to write about some decsions I'm trying to make with my life and writing about different directions I'm working on, it shouldn't effect other areas in my life if it's just me writing about thoughts....but I'm afraid it's coming to that. If I choose to stop blogging, I will infact continue to visit all the blogs I enjoy reading on a near daily basis. I'll make a decsion on this when I get back on Sunday.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Random stuff......

This is my rose bush that Bob sent to me this year on Valentines Day. It got so cold up in my apartment that I thought it died. I kept nursing it along and re-potted it into this bigger planter. I refuse to plant it in the ground because it's something that I want to keep forever and when I move, if it's planted I wouldn't be able to take it with me. As you can see, it's anything but a dead rose bush. It's twice the size it was when it was delivered back in February. It has several buds on it now and one has opened and a few more are about ready. I couldn't be happier about this.

This is just one of the buds about ready to open up and face the world.

Isn't this just a very pretty orange/yellow rose? I like it because these are mini roses. I'm not really a rose person but I just love this bush. I think roses are pretty but I've never liked how they smell. Now that I really can't smell that much these days it doesn't matter that I have a rose bush. I can't wait till the rest of the buds open. I think it will be a very pretty bush!!

The weather here is very humid. It's 83 degrees already and the air is thick. I took the dog for a walk while there was a slight breeze but now it feels hotter than it really is. Makes it pretty hard to breathe outside. I'm now inside with the air on. I only have a small window a/c unit that is in my bedroom but you can feel the difference if I didn't have it on. It gets pretty hot and sticky up here.

I'm wishing I didn't have to go to work again tonight. Hell for that matter I wish I didn't have to work at all anymore. I feel so run down and have no energy. I just had 2 days off on thursday and friday and you would think that made a difference. Lastnight at work I felt so exhausted that I could have laid down on that hard ass floor and fallen right to sleep. I'm looking forward to the day that we can rotate shifts and I can get off of all these night shifts. I'm too old and out of shape to handle them anymore.

To be honest with everyone, my health has been on my mind alot lately. I try hard to eat the right foods and less of anything I do eat. I'm taking my vitamins and I swear I drink a gallon of water a day. I get a walk or a short bike right in almost every day or every other day. I atleast try to get the dog for a walk because he needs out too. I live upstairs and I swear I can feel my heart beat against my chest everytime I get to the top of the stairs. I can't seem to drop any pounds. I've been having "issues" again and need to call my Doctor that did the colonoscopy last year and ask if he thinks I should have one soon instead of waiting till September when I'm due for one. Now also, even though he said not to worry about it, I have been wondering what's going to show up if anything on the ultrasound my other doctor wants to do on my heart. I wouldn't say I'm "worried" about as much as just thinking about it out of curiousity. My biggest concern is the fact that I have no energy. I could sleep all day and not think another thing about it.

At any given time of the day I have a ton of stuff on my mind. I'm concerned about my daughter and things she's going through. I constantly wonder about where my job is going and whether or not it's in a stand still. If it is, do I stay or look elsewhere? I think about my dog all the time and how I feel I neglect him so much by not being here. Having him cooped up in the apartment for about 12 hours a day is not fair to him at all. My son is supposed to be looking for an apartment so he can take the dog. When he finds this place, how will I get the time off needed to drive the dog to Florida? Getting time off is like pulling my wisdom teeth that I now longer have! I try not to dwell on things or let them bother me, but hey, I'm human and they do.

Just 3 more days then I'm out of here for awhile. Being away will help me to relax and spending time with Bob will be oh so nice. I miss him so much. It's been over 2 months since we have seen each other. That's way too long.

Well, now that I have ranted and raved about a bunch of miscellanious crap, I need to hop off here and spend some good time with the dog before going to work. Wonder if he'd like a bath with the garden

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt

I was going to take this week off because I didnt' get out and get a picture to go along with this weeks theme of "Sports". I'm going out on a limb here and posting something anyway (more as a joke to the theme than anything else). I was scanning through my photos lastnight and discovered the photo of mine and the neighbors dog playing in the front yard. Sure looks like a boxing match to me and afterall "boxing" is a sport is it not?


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Friday, June 16, 2006

Now you know why I hate going to the doctor!

So yesterday at the Doctor's office, my appointment was more than just my "yearly" thing. turns out it was for a complete physical. They ran an EKG on me after checkin my B/P. B/P was 130/80 pretty normal though for me a bit high as I've always had pretty low B/P. Anyway, the doc finally comes in for the "exam" and I know they just try to keep you relaxed by carrying on a conversation with you while the entire time they swab you with a cotton swab on a stick that feels like they are trying to go the long way to reach your tonsils. I HATE those exams!!!! Do me a favor and just get it the hell done and stop with the small talk as I'm in no mood at that moment to answwer any goofy question your throw out there! When it's all done and over with they (the doc and his assistant) step out and give you 5.7 seconds to get dressed before knocking on the door to come in and go over stuff with you. Doc starts out with "Now don't worry about this, but I'm looking at your EKG and it appears that the front of your heart is beating slower than the rest so I want you to have an ultra sound done." WHY do they start out with "now don't worry, but"??? 2 months ago you tell me I have high cholesteral and now you tell me the front of my heart beats weird and you want to look at it closer!! But don't worry! Yeah, ok. June 28th I have my mamogram (something else I'm really looking forward to NOT) and then on June 30th I have to get that ultra sound.

How would you react if your doctor said those words to you?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

How I'm spending my 2 days off....

Not alot going on for me today. I was feeling really beat up this morning when I woke for the day. 7 nights in a row did it for me. I'm gettting seriously too old to work these shifts night after night. I tend to turn into a real Bitch and don't even mean to. I have been having horrible tension headaches in the back of my head by the base of my skull. They literally knock me on my ass for awhile. I woke up this morning and felt like someone attacked me with a baseball bat. I took 4 ibuprofin at 7 when I first woke up to put the dog out then went back to bed till I woke up again at 9:30. At that point I took 2 excedrin migrane and finally I feel semi normal. It only has taken me till 2pm to feel like doing anything. It's a miracle that I made it over to Mom's around 11am to balance her checkbook for her. Thank goodness that never takes more than 5 minutes. I just took a relaxing bubble bath. Now I have to start getting ready to go to my Doctor's appointment. It's my "yearly" woman's appointment....yeehaw!! (only thing is I haven't went for this in about 4 years or so...way past due).

Not a very exciting way to spend my day off, but it's about all I have energy for. In 6 more days Bob will be picking me up at the airport and it will be nice to spend a few days with him. I sure wish we had more time to spend together, but for now I'll take all I can get. It will be nice having tomorrow off too. My poor apartment needs a good cleaning from top to bottom. I borrowed Mom's carpet cleaner so hopefully I get atleast the hallway and livingroom carpets scrubbed. I just hope I'll have the energy to get it all done.

Since I'm fresh out of thoughts, I better get a move on before I get stuck in this chair.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Heidi SweetHooter

I received this from my Niece in an email yesterday and thought I'd share it with anyone reading this post. After you've read this entire thing, let me know in the comment box what your new stripper name is. Oh come's fun and only take a few seconds!!


>See what your stripper name will be, and share it with your friends:

>We all need a little stress-reliever! This only takes a minute. Please

>don't be a prude and ruin it. Send it on to everyone you know including

>the person that sent it to you.

>Sometimes when you have a stressful day or week, you need some

>silliness to break up the day. And, if we are honest, we have a lot

>more stressful days than not.

>Here is your dose of humor...

>A. Follow the instructions to find your new name.

>B. Once you have your new name, put it in the subject box and forward

>it to friends and family and co-workers. Don't forget to forward it

>back to the person who sent it to you, so they know you participated.

>1. Use the third letter of your first name to determine your new first name:

>a = Fantasia

>b = Chesty

>c = Starr

>d = Diamond

>e = Montana

>f = Angel

>g = Sugar

>h = Mimi

>i = Lola

>j =Kitty

>k = Roxie

>l = Dallas

>m = Princess

>n = Heidi

>o = Bambi

>p = Bunny

>q = Brandy

>r = Sugar

>s = Candy

>t = Raquelle

>u = Sapphire

>v = Cinnamon

>w = Blaze

>x = Trixie

>y = Isis

>z = Jade

>2. Use the second letter of your last name to determine the first half

of your new last name:

>a = Leather

>b = Dream

>c = Sunny

>d = Deep

>e = Heaven

>f = Tight

>g = Shimmer

>h = Velvet

>i = Lusty

>j = Harley

>k = Passion

>l = Dazzle

>m = Dixon

>n = Spank

>o = Glitter

>p = Razor

>q = Meadow

>r = Glitz

>s = Sparkle

>t = Sweet

>u = Silver

>v = Tickle

>w = Cherry

>x = Hard

>y = Night

>z = Amber

>3. Use the third letter of your last name to determine the second half

of your new last name:

>a = hooter

>b = horn

>c = tower

>d = fire

>e = thighs

>f = hips

>g = side

>h = jugs

>i = shock

>j = cocker

>k = brook

>l = tush

>m = sizzle

>n = ridge

>o = kiss

>p = bomb

>q = cream

>r = thong

>s = heat

>t = whip

>u = cheeks

>v = rock

>w = hiney

>x = button

>y = lick

>z = juice


>Now when you SEND THIS ON...use your new name as the subject!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No cliffs, just took a couple of days off.....

Thanks Fraidy and Denny for worrying about me, but I'm fine. I haven't felt like sitting here at the computer lately. I've been very tired and exhausted so much that I haven't even felt rested when I wake up in the morning. I was up at 7am this morning and went back to bed for 2 more hours. I atleast feel awake now.

Just 8 more days then I can get away from here for awhile. I wish it were sooner, but it will be here before I know it.

It's a beautiful morning out there this morning so I need to hop off here out and enjoy it before I have to go to work again later. I have tonight and tomorrow night yet of work before I have 2 more days off in a row. Hopefully I won't be so drained that I can't enjoy them. I sure wish I was old enough to retire because that sounds wonderful about now. So that I don't sit here and turn this post into a rant, I'll sign off now. Atleast you know I'm still around and haven't fallen off a cliff.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt


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This weeks theme is "community". Where I live here in Canton, Ohio, we are known mostly for being the "Home of the Pro Football Hall of Fame". Every July the week before football starts back up, our city puts on festivities for football. There is a balloon classic (which I'm sad to say I have no pictures from) where giant colorful hot air balloons of all shapes and colors lift off and fly over Canton. There is also the Grand Parade. This is just one of several photos I have from the H.O.F. Parade from last year. I chose the best one I had that shows the crowd and one of the ballons they carry in the parade. These festivities also include a 3 day ribs burn-off and a huge fireworks display like none other seen. (By me atleast). People come from all over the U.S.A. to see their favorite enshrinee get into the Hall of Fame. Here is a few of last years enshrinees.

Dan Marino from Miami Dolphins.

Steve Young from the 49er's.

If you'd like more information on just what Photo Scavenger Hunt is all about just click on the link above and join the fun.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Imagine that......

I was going to take the day off from blogging. I was doing pretty well. I took a morning bike ride then came back and rested for a little bit and decided the dog needed exercise too so I took him for a walk. After straightening things up around here a bit decided I needed a new book to read so I hopped in the truck and went up to the store to pick out another from the author John Sandford. He's been writing murder mysteries that have been capturing my attention. I have finished two of his book already entitled "Naked Prey" and "Secret Prey". I'm starting on one now called "Broken Prey". I like them because the main characters are the same. You get to learn about the detectives each time you read another novel. After reading 2 chapters already in the 1/2 an hour since I've had it, I decided to take a little break and hop on here and read some local news from our paper online. I discovered a link that I thought rather interesting. Here, take a look for yourself.... "gas prices". You know it's bad with the pricing when there is an entire page devoted to helping you as a consuner to find the lowest prices in your area. I just felt like sharing that. Now I'm going back to my book until it's time to get ready for work.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My new ride

What made me think that at 45 years old and weighing 175 pounds that I could just hop on a bike and ride it!! It was exhilerating though let me tell you. Even when I was flying down the hill and thought for sure I was going to crash and die at the bottom. I totally forgot how much speed you pick up when you go down. I obviously survived though. My daughter bought this bike before she found out she was pregnant. She had the idea that she would start riding it to work and back to save gas money. She quickly gave up on that idea. It's been sitting up in her back hallway for a year now so I bought it off of her. I walked it down to the gas station (1/2 a block up the street) to air up the tires. I hopped on and headed back down my street which heads straight for our city parks. Yep you guessed it, it goes downhill. I'll admit my adrenaline kicked up thinking for sure I was going to crash and have scrapes all over me. I could hear my Mother's words just then. "I told you that you should have a helmet on!" I told Mom yesterday that if I crashed that bad that I'm simply too old to have my big butt on a bike and would give it up. I'm sorry for those of you that believe in wearing bicycle helmets...I'm NOT wearing one. Anyhow, my "maiden ride" was a success. Unless you count the fact that out all 15 gears I couldn't find one that would allow my out of shape body to ride it back up that hill I rode it down and ended up walking the bike back to the top. It's been so long since I've even been on a bike let alone remembering how to change gears. I feel great though. It's amazing what a short workout that really was. If I can continue riding each morning and a little farther each day, I just might get back in shape. I know I'll feel better anyway. I beleive that for awhile I need to stick to flat streets until I get a good feel for these gears. What on earth made her think she needed 15 gears in the first place? I used to own a 5 speed and a 10 speed when I was younger and never used all the I have 15!!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

She's a big girl now.....

Yesterday was her big day. Graduatuion from kindergarten. I was disappointed in the quality of my photos. I had a real off day with the camera. I'll blame it on the spot we were sitting in and how fast they moved the program through. The lighting in the gym was horrible also. Now that the excuses have been put out there, I'll share what I have.

First is her graduating class. She's the one in the purple shirt. Aren't they all just so cute in their little white paper caps!

This is the one I wanted to come out the most and the one I dislike the most. The angle was all wrong, but you can see she's getting her "diploma" and shaking the teacher's hand.

(Heather was certain her dress was too short so she made her wear the jeans under it. )

Here's a video taken with my digital camera that I also didn't think came out too good. They started singing before I was ready so I missed the first part. It's cute though.

Video Hosting - Upload Video - Video Sharing

After wards I snapped a few photos with her awards. Not all the kids received them so Heather was a proud Momma that's for sure. Deydra recieved one for Citizenship and for Academic Acheivement. The teacher told Heather that Deydra was the best reader in her class.

Heather is very proud of Deydra for being such a SuperStar Student this year. I give Heather credit for being such a good caring Mom and really working with Deydra.

I had the kids the rest of the afternoon and we went to the park. I'll post those pictures later as this post took longer to get in here than I thought it would.


I removed 3 of the pictures due to the fact that Deydra's full name and the school's name were on her certificates. I just don't think that's smart to show on here.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I know I sound like a broken record but these nights are kicking my ass. I have no energy and I'm not sleeping the best. I hated the 4pm to midnight shift I used to work awhile back when I worked at the potatoe chip factory. Now I'm working these 2pm to nearly midnight shifts all the time and it just sucks. It feels like I have no life. My mornings are spend trying to recover from the the nights before and then to turn right around and do it all over again just sucks!! (yes I'm whinning, but I'm allowed to do that here).

Only 15 more days till I get to go see Bob. With the schedule I've been on for the last 6 weeks it's been difficult to get to talk to him much. It will be nice to have conversations that last more than 7 to 10 minutes with us rushing through things about our days. Don't get me wrong, I cherish each of those minutes, it's just going to be nice to have relaxed conversations and to be able to actually be near him. I can't wait for the day that I get to go see him and not come back. I sure wish we knew when that would be.

Deydra graduates from kindergarten today. I'm going to try to get photos to share later. I'm out of thoughts now so it's time to get up and get my day off started. (I get tomorrow off too...woohoo 2 in a row!!)

Monday, June 05, 2006

All's quiet on the home front

I actually got a full night of sleep in. Too bad though that I woke up with a tension headache. (partly sinus too)

Yesterday mid-morning I spoke with "bill"...(downstairs neighbor Ev was hollering for the night before)...seems that Ev got a few stitches and he wasn't aware she went to the hospital by ambulance. He says "oh great, she doesn't have insurance and is going to have a hefty bill with the ER and now an ambulance ride too". I simply told him I had no other choice in the matter. Cecelia left her here so she obviously didn't care enough about her sister's condition to run her to the hospital and no one could get him to get up and answer the door...(turns out he had left the bar earlier by a ride home and was passed out drunk himself and never heard a thing). I have no idea how Ev got home from the hospital or how she finally got in her house...but I don't really care about all that I guess. I just find the whole thing irritating and amazing at the same time. So much lack of compassion for self or others in this scenerio. As for my couch goes, there is no blood on it. Most of that was on my bathroom sink and spots along my hallway that have been scrubbed off. I haven't seen or spoken to Ev yet so I have no idea if she even knows what all happened.

I'm just glad it was quiet last night and that I got some much needed sleep. I work tonight again from 2 to 11:30pm then I have 2 days off in a row. Tomorrow my Grand daughter graduates from kindergarten so that will be a fun thing to see. I agreed to babysit the kids the rest of the day after that for my Daughter. I'm hoping for good decent weather so we can go to the park maybe. Perhaps I'll get to use my tripod for my 35mm camera that my son got for me for my birthday back in January. I've been waiting for a good weather day to do that outside.

For now though, I'm going outside with the dog so he can get some fresh air. I'll get some relaxing in before work. Have a great day all.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

If this wasn't real~~~it would make a good fiction novel!

I arrived home from work at 12:20am.
Let the dog out as usual.
IM Bob to let him know I arrived safely home.
Get cleaned up and in bed by 1am.
2:35am it starts~~~~

Stomping on the front porch below my window.
Banging on the neighbor's front door.
My dog barking.
I hear people shouting~~~"BILL?"...."BILL??!!"
More banging on the door.
I realize it's the girl that lives down there.
She must be locked out.

She's talking to someone~~~her sister.
Ev: "Did you call him?"
Cecelia: "Yeah, he's not answering."
Ev: "fucker!"

Now I hear banging on the basement door on the side of the house.
My dog runs to the stairs barking louder.
I get up now.
I hear a window crashing.
I go to the hall window and holler out.
Me: "Are you fucking serious??!!!"
Ev: "Janet, I cut myself, I'm bleeding."
Me: "how bad?"
Ev: (in a drunken stupor) "I dunno".

I stomp down the stairs and open my front door to see Ev standing on the porch with blood all over her hands and running down her arms. FUCK!

Me: "Get in here!"
Me: "Come in the bathroom so I can clean you up"
(her sister comes up but starts to sneak back down the steps)
Ev starts to pass out...SHIT!
Me: "Cecelia, come back up here!!"
Cecelia: "why?"
Me: "Ev's passing out and I'm not catching her ass!!"
Cecelia: "where am I supposed to put her?"
Me: "put her drunk ass on my couch!"
(I had to help) How is it a tiny 5 foot 98 pound soaking wet 23 year old can weigh a freakin ton when they pass out drunk!!??
Cecelia: "I have to go."

GREAT! All I want to do is freakin go to bed and get my sleep....but nooooo...I have to now deal with a drunk that's bleeding on my couch. I call the police.

Me: "Yes, I live at ************ and the downstairs neighbor girl came home drunk and busted a window and is bleeding all over my apartment and I want her out of here!"
Police: "Do you want a medic or police?"
Me: "I don't care what/who you send, just get her out of my apartment so I can go back to bed."
Police: "we'll send someone out."

It didn't take long and a medic unit arrived. I was waiting for them on my porch. I appologize to them for waking them up in the middle of the night for a bullshit call. (My ex used to be a medic for the city so I know what they were thinking). They said it was fine and what was going on. So I filled them in and said she's upstairs on my couch and I really felt she should be seen and possibly get stitches. They follow me upstairs.

Medic 1: "Oh geez she looks 12, how old is she?"
Me: "her early 20's"
Medic 2: "what's her name?"
Me: "Ev"
Medic 2: "Hey, what's your name?
Ev: " Ev"
Medic 1 : "Do you know where you are?"
Ev: "I'm at home, where's Bill?"
Medic 2: (stearnly)"You are not at home, you aren't even in your own apartment!"
Ev: "where's Bill?" (while falling over)
Medic 1: "Whoa now, sit up here and don't fall off the couch."
Ev: (trying to lay back down) "I just want to sleep"
Medic 2: (big guy..muscular) "the only thing you are going to do right now is go to the hospital."
Ev: not responding, too drunk
Medic 1: "let's take the bag back down and get something to carry her in"
They go down and come back with blankets. They spread one on the floor and lay her in it. They were going to wrap her like a coccoon and carry her down the steps. She starts rolling and waving her arms still not speaking.
Medic 2: "oh sure, now she wakes up enough to be combative.!" He grabs her under her arms and wrapped his arms across her chest and the other medic got her legs. That's how they carried her down the stairs to the cot on the sidewalk. Off the went to the hospital. Time now, 2:50am. I go back to bed and try to relax enough to sleep. That alone can be enough to get someone's adrenaline pumping. I'm nearly there, asleep, when all of a sudden I hear it......ringggg, ringggg. Dammit!'s coming from my couch. Ev's cell phone! I ignore it and go back to bed and this time shut my door. I hear nothing till my own phone rings at around 8am this morning. It's My Bob. He never got my offline message when I Im'd him and I'm sure he was concerned about whether or not I made it home safely. I told him all about it and he says. "no wonder you're still in bed". We talked for a little bit then I went back to sleep for about another hour. When I did get up, I called the landlord to let him know she busted out the basement door window. He'll be here around noon today to look at it.

Although I'm up and have been for awhile, I certainly don't feel rested at all. There is not movement of any kind downstairs. No one is home and they haven't even been there to let their dog out. Oh well, not my problem. She can be pissed at me till hell freezes over because I didn't let her drool and bleed all over my couch, but tough. I don't care. I know I did the right thing by getting her medical attention. Maybe she'll think twice before getting that drunk again. Maybe, who knows.

So how did you spend your wee hours of the morning? Hopefully you all got the rest you needed.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt


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I was having a bit of artistic brain loss this week and this was all that I could come up with for the "mirror" theme this week. I tried a few other shots with candles and such but they were either out of focus or the flash ruined the shot. I'll get the hang of things.

To figure out what this is all about, just click on the link above for all the information.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Another countdown is underway..........

June 21st is only 19 days away.
That's when I get to leave this hell-hole and go see My Bob.
My flight leaves Cleveland at 4:35pm Wednesday the 21st.
I'll arrive in Baltimore this time at 5:55pm.
I'm glad for the short direct flight.
I hate lay-overs. (but have one on the flight back)
I need this time away.
These nights have been kicking my ass in more ways than one.

Bob sent me a couple links to check out for some ideas for our weekend.
I'll be checking them out sometime this afternoon.
Looks like there is going to be some fun in the sun for us no matter what we choose to do.
I'm really excited about getting to see him again~~~I really could care less where we go or what we do as long as we get to be together for awhile.
I just miss him so much.

Okay ~~~~I'll stop for now, but that's what's on my mind these days so deal with it!!

My daughter called me yesterday to let me know that my Grand daughter graduates from kindergarten on Tuesday. I have it off so I'll be able to attend. I'm sure I'll get photos. That should turn out to be a really cute day. They didn't have a graduation for my kids when they gradutated from kindergarten. I think it's cool that they do that. Deydra recieved a certificate at an awards assembly last week for not only being student of the month more than once, but the principal stated before giving her the award, that she was the ONLY student in the class that would get up and read to the entire class. I couldn't be at that awards assembly but Heather went and was a proud Momma. Oh Deydra has had her moments of being bad, don't get me wrong. Like the time she got in trouble for not sitting on the carpet during reading, but instead chose that time to try standing on her head. She got a slip sent home to Heather stating how Deydra disrupted class. They are only 5 and 6 years old ~~~ you have to expect things like Over all she's one of the best students in the kindergarten class and Heather couldn't be more proud of her. I'm proud of Heather for doing such a great job with her. It's hard to believe that Deydra will be turning 6 next month. Time sure flys by. Isaac will be 5 months old already on sunday!!!!

Well I better get off her for now and get some stuff done. Before you know it my day off will be over and I won't have gotten done all I want to do.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Gloria

Yes it's true~~~~~Today is her 48th Birthday!
Why not splash on over to her place and give her a Birthday Shout!

Here are just some different stages I've seen her to through ~~~~~thought I'd share them with you~~~~~she won't mind as she's posted some of these at one time or another. That's her, the tall one on the left~~~disregard me on the right showing off my droopy drawers~~~sheesh what were my parents thinking taking this picture in the front yard!!

I personally Love this picture. I took it of her while we were on the Bay tour in San Fransico back in 1999.

This was taken many many years ago on a camping trip at Attwood Lake. Where did we get those staw hats at anyway??!!

I wish I had more pictures to show you of just her in them, but all of the ones I own aren't online. If I had a scanner this wouldn't be an issue.

Happy Birthday Gloria!! I hope you have a great day and do the things that make you happy.