Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jan's New Car

It's new to me and drives really nice and rides just as well. With us not wanting a vehicle payment at this time and not wanting to spend very much money, that left us in an older vehicle category. We ended up 2 years older than the truck but with 56,000 less miles, mechanically sound and NO RUST!!! We noticed also on the carfax report that the orginal owner bought the car new in 1996 and had it for 9 years before trading it in. That to me was a huge plus to know it hadn't changed ownership until last year. The dealer gave us $1100 for a trade in and with the condition the truck was in, we were happy to get that. The poor truck is ending up on the auction block as he's no good to the dealership in it's condition. I'm now registered in Maryland and have a 60 day temp tag. They told me in about 3 weeks my regular plates will be in and they'll call me and I'll drive back out there so they can put them on. It was also nice to have the reduction in insurance payments as well.

So here it 1996 Saturn. (Sorry Dale, I hate red cars)

Friday, September 29, 2006

we made a decision

Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon I will have traded in my truck for a car. We found a dealer here that came highly recommended. The dealer was nice to work with and we found a couple cars to look at in our price range. I'm spending a good portion of my morning cleaning out the truck and "tidying" him up a bit in hopes that will help in the trade in. We have an appointment of sorts for tomorrow morning at 9am. Wish me luck. If all goes well, I'll post pictures.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Decision Time

Well, we dropped my truck off yesterday for the inspection I needed in order to get my truck registered with Maryland. It's bad. No way in it's current condition will it pass a safety inspection. It's no where near an emissions test. Here's some of the problems...........

Left tie rod bad
Ball joints bad
Brake lines all rotted
exhaust bad
Power Steering pressure hose
battery cables bad

All in all (including the a/c we had him check and he said the evaporator core is shot) will cost anywhere from $1500 to $2000 just to get it to pass inspection. SHIT !! The inspection was $66. If we take the truck to carmax, we won't get crap for it when they put it up on the rack and find all this stuff. So, I'm guessing we will fix enough of the stuff to get a better trade in or to sell it out right. There is no way I want to put all that money into it. Should we though since the truck is paid for? The truck is 8 years old and has almost 140,000 miles on it. Could we extend the life of the truck by keeping it and fixing this stuff? I'm sure we could. We don't need 2 trucks though. It's a big decision. What if we fix it enough to sell or trade in and buy a car then discover that we have to soak money into a car when things break on it? This is where we are at right now with this decision.

Any and all input will be taken into consideration.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Today's theme is "eyes". I was going to post one of my grandkid's eye photos but I haven't downloaded all of my photos yet to Bob's computer. So, with that in mind I'm using this photo of my eyes because I liked how green they came out. I guess since I have all the time in the world these days I should get those photos downloaded on here.


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Friday, September 22, 2006

WoooHooo It's Friday....

But then again everyday lately for me is Friday. The biggest thing I have to do today is make a trip to the grocery store for a few items. It's not even a big grocery shopping trip. I seriously need my truck looked at and Bob is calling the mechanic to see when we can get it over there. Twice now it has just shut off on me. Once while I was in mid turn and yesterday just while I was sitting at a light waiting for my turn to go. Weird. I'm not really trusting it enough to go to far right now. I'm really hoping it's not something major. The truck is a 1998 and now has 138,000 miles on it. When I bought it 5 and 1/2 years ago it had 56,000 on it. I have had that truck everywhere and have been through alot with it. Never having major problems with it. Once a few years ago the fuel pump went out and I had to replace that. The was the most costly thing so far that has been wrong so I feel pretty good about it. I'm seriously thinking it's time to trade it in. Guess now we wait and see what the mechanic says. I'd love to have my friend up in New York look at it simply because I trust him and know he'd tell me exactly what needs to be fixed on it. Bob trusts this mechanic he found so hopefully he does us right and is on the up and up about it. It's hard to find a good mechanic that you trust. Anyway, enough about that.

I talked to my Mom for about 1/2 an hour yesterday. She's doing well and that's good. I feel bad that she no longer has a car and now can't just get out and go somewhere when the walls start closing in on her, but it was time for her to stop driving. she even mentioned that she was thinking about it. I'm really glad that her new central heating and a/c unit seems to be working well. (the car helped pay for it) The Funeral home mailed her the death certificates for my Dad so she sent those out for Gloria and myself. She also recieved something from the cemetary letting her know where on the grounds my Dad's ashes were placed. It's good to know that she can call me anytime she wants or needs to. I think I'm going to charge up my calling card and mail it to her. It has 670 minutes on it when full. I love that it's rechargeable. Bob and I no longer need to use it. It sure did get it's full use between us these past 2 years.

It's obvious that I don't have much to talk about since I seem to be all over the place with my thoughts this morning. It's also apparent that I need a job to keep me busy. Once I know what's going on with the truck and have reliable transportation, I'll get back out there and look again. For now though, I'm content to have everyday seem like a Friday. I feel as though I deserve this. I have a little bit more to get organized now that I have one more shelf so I guess I'll get that done today too.

This journal is still something I'm going to continue to keep and write in, though my purpose for having it now has changed. I haven't had much to countdown lately so we'll have to think of something. I know we are trying to figure out what we are going to do about the upcoming holiday's so maybe there is a countdown in there somewhere. For now though it's time to go be domesticated and organize the house.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Turning the page

My Ex-Father-in-law used to say "turn the page" when a topic got old and a conversation got stale. Well, I have decided that "I'm turning the page" on alot of things from Ohio. (other than my family). Those things are behind me and in my past. I'm not dwelling on any of it any longer. My new life is here and there are and will be things in my life far worthy of my focus. I have started actively job searching now. The apartment is pretty much put together and I'm confident of my way around here. I'm hoping to have my truck registered soon so I won't have to "find the time" to get that done once I do start working. One month ago today was my last day of employment. I'm ready to be out there again if only a few days a week. I'm looking forward to working part time. For so many years (nearly 18 total) I have worked 50 to 60 hours a week busting my ass to make ends meet. It's nice to know that I no longer have to do that. I have been checking out bank teller postitions. Mainly my decision for that career is the appeal of the hours. I have worked for nearly 20 years in the food industry and it's way over due for me to stay away from that field. I need a change and doing something I like that I feel will be rewarding. There is a bank chain opening branches in this area so I feel I have a good chance as any to be a part of that. Who knows, maybe I'll enjoy it and want to move into it full time. I'm very comfortable only working part time. I feel as though things are progressing nicely for Bob & I. Moving forward is so awesome.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I just can't believe this

Back on August 14th & 15th I had to miss these two days of work due to the fact that the Nursing home called us in saying Dad was dying. " Here is that post." Now I specifically kept asking my manager and the owner of the restaurant if I had any unused vacation days left or a few personal days that I could use for those 2 days. My manager told me after I came back to work and finished out my notice, that I was covered and would recieve my full paycheck. They wouldn't answer my question until I came back to work. I understood that at the time. They had to make sure I was working out my 2 weeks notice. WHICH I DID!!! So today in the mail I recieve a ceritified letter from the home office stating that their records show that I failed to work a full week my last week there and the result was that I was over paid. They want me to send them a check for $150 ASAP. Then when they get that, they will adjust my tax records. What a crock of complete BULLSHIT!! Even under the circumstances with my Dad on his death bed in the Nursing home and my Sister in from California, I STILL WENT TO WORK AND FINISHED MY NOTICE OUT....FOR THEM!!!! Simply Amazing. I called the office today and left a message and they better call me back and work this out with me. I did my part now they need to just let it go. Better yet, get the money from Renee since she lied to me to get me to come and work my last 3 days. I'm sooooooo glad to be out of that shithole!!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt


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Today's theme is "looking up". Now I have to be honest that I really haven't been taking any "fresh" and "new" photos since I've been here these past 3 weeks, so I have to yet again go to my archives. This photo is my rendition of "looking up" as I had to sit on the sidewalk to take it. I love the architecture of the building. (I certainly hope I just said that's too early for

I hope you will click onto the blogroll to see all the other participants and even join the hunt.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I should have seen it coming..........

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

So yesterday went great. Dinner was a hit. I made a cool Bistro Chicken dish that only took about 35 minutes total prep/cook time. I love because I'm discovering that I enjoy cooking. Especially now that I'm not just eating by myself. After dinner lastnight, Bob and I sat down to play some Jenga. I'll admit, he's the master. I lost both games. We got the tower to 30 rows on the first game and somehow managed to get it up to 32 rows the second time. It's a tense game but loads of fun. Here's the Jenga master himself.

Since I'm sharing photos, here's a few from when I took Cerebus down to Florida and we introduced him to the ocean for the first time.

Notice he had to be carried into the water.....hehehe. Poor puppy never saw water move towards him before and he never saw so much at one time.

He defenately turned into a chick magnet for David right away as a few girls stopped by asking to "pet his dog". Needless to say, David was liking this idea of having the dog. Go figure. I miss having the dog around but I'm really glad he's not here too. I'm glad he's not alone for 11 to 12 hours a day anymore.

Well, I guess this is enough blabbling for one afternoon. Perhaps now I'll venture out and make a trip to Wal-mart.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Productive Morning

I'm almost official now as being a resident of Maryland. I successfully recieved my Maryland Driver's License. (Not a small feat around here). They practically want your first born child etc. before they issue you anything. At any rate, I have them now and they are good until January of 2012.....(that seems so long from now). This only had a cost of $45. Now the next thing I need to do is try to get my truck plates. It's way more complicated here than back in Ohio. They do emition (sp) testing here which I'm pretty sure my truck might not pass without some work done on the exhaust first. I'm pretty sure I have all the documents needed to the registration, but I won't be surprised if they spring something weird on me. I'll do that tomorrow though.

I now have my new bank card for my new checking account too. Guess pretty soon I should try to look for a job. I'm so glad Bob isn't making me rush out and get one. I'm so enjoying just getting settled in around here and learning where things are and my way around. I suppose soon I'm going to have to venture out on the "Beltway" and get a real taste of DC driving so I'm not shocked when I do get a job that might require me to drive that in a morning or afternoon commute. I've driven on the "Beltway" a few times, but never for long as it's always been just to arrive here from Ohio. Baby steps for me.

For now though, it's time to hop off here and figure out what I want to surprise Bob with for dinner. Poor guy ate like crap while I was back in Ohio.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank you very much....

I'm safely back from my travels back to ohio. Mom is doing remarkably well. She has moments, but you have to expect that. I didn't see Dad before he passed or before they sent him for cremation, but I did that by choice. I saw him when he was doing better after seeing him at his worse and that's how I choose to remember him. That and I have my share of photos of him in different phases of his life. Everything was easy to take care of. We chose not to have any services. My sister was having a difficult time in getting here and I couldn't stay long. It's so costly anymore to do anything. Mom chose for Dad to be cremated and since he was a World War II verteran, he is being place in a cemetary for veterans and they are reserving a plot for Mom at no charge. Mom recieved her folded flag yesterday morning.

If you would like to, you can go to to view the obituary. (you may need to register to read it, but it's free). It was in Sunday's paper 9-10-06.

I'm being vague I supposed rather than go into a ton of details for privacy to our family. I do want to thank all of you that commented and are keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Making a trip back to Ohio

It's a little past midnight and I'm done packing my bag. About an hour ago I recieved the call that my Dad passed away. I'm picking up my rental as soon as they open in the morning and should be at my Mom's between 2 and 3pm. I'm glad I'm calm right now since I have to drive for 6 hours. I'm not sure how long I'll stay but I've packed for a week.

The good thing is the prearrangements have been made at the funeral home. Guess now I need to get to bed and try to get a good nights rest. I'll post again when I return.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Tour of our new home....................

This was the livingroom prior to my arrival with my things. (Notice the tv stand and the little 9 inch tv)

The next 2 photos are the livingroom now. I'm still not quite finished hanging things on the wall. (Notice the big blank spot above the sofa)

We improvised on the tv's Bob's old computer desk and a $15 two shelve stand from CVS.

This was the kitchen prior to our shopping trip to IKEA for cabinets.

This is the kitchen now with a great make over. Bob picked out the cabinets and hung the by himself. I think they make the kitchen look so much better since there were no cabinets at all. What a difference. (Just disregard the dishes not put away yet.)

In this photo, Bob ws trying to show me the shower curtain he purchsed. In an all white bathroom I think he did a great job adding some color. (He emailed me all these "before" photos so I could see our apartment before I ever worked my last day.) He's so thoughtful.

This was my idea to add some even more color to the all white bathroom. Let me tell you that I miss my bathroom from my old apartment. It was so big I could have put the loveseat in it if I wanted to. In this one, we have to squeeze past the toilet to get to the closet and the front of the sink. (the sink is to the left of the photo behind the door). Bob bought us that wall cabinet. shelves anywhere.

That's the tour of all the rooms I care to show at this time. The office is still a cluttered mess and when I get a chance I'll organize it and share that photo. I certainly do love this apartment. It's small and quaint and just right for Bob & I. I have worked alot this past week in trying to get it looking like a home. It's the first time in a very long time that I have felt like being "domesticated". Tomorrow I'm going to work with Bob to help him work on the deck he's building for a couple that he remodeled a kitchen for. I need out of the apartment before the walls start closing in on me. It's hard for me to realize that I've only been out of work for 2 weeks and that I've only been here for one week. It's been busy but so rewarding.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

jan and bobs first regular day today

welp jan's been here a week today...been a full week of running around getting furniture and shelves and pots and pans and everything else that goes into creating a new household together....i was able to fit in little work in between our errands...but...ive had what to me at least was a semi serious case of vertigo since last all this had to fit in between room spins and lack of balance....which isnt neccessarily a good thing for someone that spends a fair amount of time on a ladder of some sort...anyways it seems to be fading incrementally day by day so its all good....the place is taking shape thanks to jan....and finally feels like a home...something it did not feel like when i had my Dewalt table saw box and compound mitre saw box for tables ....although the Dewalt yellow is one of my fav today..was really our first "normal" day...i went to work for a full day and jan was "homemaker"....and although the thoughts of her covered in chocolate or peanut butter syrup and sprinkles(from the ice cream machine at friendlys where she worked in CAN TON) are somewhat pleasant..the thought that she doesnt have to do that any more is even more she met me at my jobsite and took me to lunch....then when i got home she had made lasagna which was really cheesy...just the way i like it...and a strawberry/pineapple pound cake concotion that would make my mom jealous....anyways....we're gettin settled into somewhat of a routine and things are its time to go cuz theres a nekid woman in my bed:)

guess im signed in as jan but if ya havent figured it out yet its bb:)

Decision time

I recieved a call from my Mom this morning. Seems my Dad is taking another turn for the worse. I called the Nursing home and talked to his Nurse. It seems that Dad is right back to where he was when we had my sister fly in from California. After talking it over with Mom, I guess we have decided that I'll stay here until Dad has passed then go back to help her get things finallized. With Dad's situation, he could get better then relapse again. It doesn't sound good though and I'm prepared to head out the minute I get a call saying he's not recovering this time.

I guess now I have to decide to do as far as traveling goes. Do I fly out and get there faster then rent a car or just drive the 6 hours it will take and only worry about the gas for expense (and the wear and tear on my truck that already has 140,000 miles on it). Decisions, decisions.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Update on Isaac

It seems that little Isaac is one tough cookie and it will take more than viral menengitis to keep him down. The doctors are keeping him overnight again and doing an EEG (I think that's the test...where they put electrodes on the head and study brain activity). If the test results come back normal from that, I think they are going to release him. Heather said he is back to his normal self today which in my mind is a complete miracle. He is no longer on any IV and hasn't had a fever within the last 24 hours. I'll know sometime tomorrow if he gets released or not.

Thanks to everyone that offered prayers.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Please pray for Isaac

Heather called me at 10:30pm lastnight to let me know that Isaac is in Akron Children's Hospital. He woke up with a temperature yesterday morning so she gae him some tylenol and it went down. She dropped him and Deydra at daycare and told them to monitor his temp and if it went back up to call her. Well, the daycare doesn't keep them if their temp goes up to 100. They never called her to pick him up so she figured he was ok. When she picked the kids up at 5:30pm Isaac was really hot. She drove straight to Stat-Care. She didn't tell me what his temp was at that moment, but they wanted a urine test done since he smelled so strong. While they were waiting for that test result, Isaac had a seizure. Heather screamed for the Nurse who saw what was going on and called for the head doctor. They called 911 and sent him to the main hospital. Mercy sent him straight up to Akron to the children's hospital. Deydra is staying at her other Grandma's house. They took a spinal tap on Isaac and said he has menengitis. He is now sedated and on a breathing tube so he can get more oxygen to his brain. (I learned all this later after she called me back at 2am). She said that everytime he started coming awake he'd reach for that breathing tube to pull it out so that is now why he's sedated.

Poor little Isaac has been in and out of the hospital since he's been born. I'm worried now for Heather as she has such panic in her voice when she describes him to me. This is alot for any Mother to go through. I feel bad that there isn't anything I can do to make her feel better about it. Even if I was still living back there, I wouldn't be able to do anything. He's in the best hands he can be in right now. I'm hoping to get more information from her today when I call her back. Please keep them all in your prayers for me.

~~~~ EDIT ~~~~

Isaac is now out of PICU and into a regular room. All the test results are in and he has VIRAL MENENGITIS which is far better than Bacterial Menegitis. The doctor at this point can't say just how long he'll keep him admitted. He said it will just be a day to day thing. Heather was glad that they took out the breathing tube and are no longer keeping him sedated. She said whatever meds they gave him for the siezure made him swell up. I just spoke with her a little while ago and she sounds very drained. The good thing about Akron Children's Hospital, is they really make it as comfortable for the parents as possible. Hopefully soons he'll be better and the scare will be over.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Photo Scavenger Hunt


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This week's theme is "on the road". I felt this was a fitting photo as I moved my life this week from Ohio to Maryland to be with Bob. This was my view "on the road" as I followed the rental truck that carried all my belongings towaed my new life.
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It's good to be back online.