Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I just can't believe this

Back on August 14th & 15th I had to miss these two days of work due to the fact that the Nursing home called us in saying Dad was dying. " Here is that post." Now I specifically kept asking my manager and the owner of the restaurant if I had any unused vacation days left or a few personal days that I could use for those 2 days. My manager told me after I came back to work and finished out my notice, that I was covered and would recieve my full paycheck. They wouldn't answer my question until I came back to work. I understood that at the time. They had to make sure I was working out my 2 weeks notice. WHICH I DID!!! So today in the mail I recieve a ceritified letter from the home office stating that their records show that I failed to work a full week my last week there and the result was that I was over paid. They want me to send them a check for $150 ASAP. Then when they get that, they will adjust my tax records. What a crock of complete BULLSHIT!! Even under the circumstances with my Dad on his death bed in the Nursing home and my Sister in from California, I STILL WENT TO WORK AND FINISHED MY NOTICE OUT....FOR THEM!!!! Simply Amazing. I called the office today and left a message and they better call me back and work this out with me. I did my part now they need to just let it go. Better yet, get the money from Renee since she lied to me to get me to come and work my last 3 days. I'm sooooooo glad to be out of that shithole!!


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