Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Tour of our new home....................

This was the livingroom prior to my arrival with my things. (Notice the tv stand and the little 9 inch tv)

The next 2 photos are the livingroom now. I'm still not quite finished hanging things on the wall. (Notice the big blank spot above the sofa)

We improvised on the tv's Bob's old computer desk and a $15 two shelve stand from CVS.

This was the kitchen prior to our shopping trip to IKEA for cabinets.

This is the kitchen now with a great make over. Bob picked out the cabinets and hung the by himself. I think they make the kitchen look so much better since there were no cabinets at all. What a difference. (Just disregard the dishes not put away yet.)

In this photo, Bob ws trying to show me the shower curtain he purchsed. In an all white bathroom I think he did a great job adding some color. (He emailed me all these "before" photos so I could see our apartment before I ever worked my last day.) He's so thoughtful.

This was my idea to add some even more color to the all white bathroom. Let me tell you that I miss my bathroom from my old apartment. It was so big I could have put the loveseat in it if I wanted to. In this one, we have to squeeze past the toilet to get to the closet and the front of the sink. (the sink is to the left of the photo behind the door). Bob bought us that wall cabinet. shelves anywhere.

That's the tour of all the rooms I care to show at this time. The office is still a cluttered mess and when I get a chance I'll organize it and share that photo. I certainly do love this apartment. It's small and quaint and just right for Bob & I. I have worked alot this past week in trying to get it looking like a home. It's the first time in a very long time that I have felt like being "domesticated". Tomorrow I'm going to work with Bob to help him work on the deck he's building for a couple that he remodeled a kitchen for. I need out of the apartment before the walls start closing in on me. It's hard for me to realize that I've only been out of work for 2 weeks and that I've only been here for one week. It's been busy but so rewarding.


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