Thursday, August 31, 2006

How I spent my "vacation"

The first 3 days I had without working were just as busy as the last 6 have been really. I spent those 3 days cleaning the old apartment and finallizing my packing getting ready for my big move. I spent some time with my Mom and my Sister (who flew in since we all thought Dad was dying....and he's still hanging in there). My really busy time came on Last Thursday when I picked up the rental car for my trip to Florida. $250 deposit and they gave me a 2007 Chevy Malibu (with only 406 miles on it).....very nice ride too. I drove through Ohio, W. virginia, Virginia, N. Carolina and into S. Carolina all on Thursday the 24th. I stayed in a nice little hotel room (Days Inn) with the dog. He was a nervous wreck the poor puppy. I was glad he handled the car ride with no problems. I made that first trip in about 6 or 6 and 1/2 hours. With a dog in the car I didn't think that was too bad. Friday morning I headed back out and finished my journey through S. Carolina and into Georgia then Florida. I arrived in good time in Jacksonville and found my son's new house without any troubles. I was pretty tired though. That's alot of driving. Cerebus was happy to see David and David was happy to have the dog back. Saturday David and I took Cerebus to Jacksonville Beach. It was the funniest thing seeing Cerebus react to the ocean waves. He was scared of them at first. David ended up carrying the dog into the ocean so he could see that the water was fine. After that, the dog walked in by himself but didn't stay in long. Like any other dog might do, Cerebus decided he wanted to dry off. Since there wasn't any grass to roll in, he just rolled on the beach. How was he to know that he would get covered with beach sand. We only stayed for 2 hours since we had the dog. It was just too hot to have him there. I left again on Sunday morning and drove up highway 95 all the way into Maryland. I truely hate driving on DC highways. They aren't marked good enough for people that don't travel them everyday. (something I have to learn) The 11 hour drive ended up taking nearly 13. I was exhausted and drained from the hour and a 1/2 I spent driving through DC trying to figure out how I got lost and how to get to my new apartment. It all worked out and I finally made it to my destination. Bob & I left again Monday by 5am to drive back to Ohio. I had to have the car rental back by noon or pay extra. It was so cool that the total rental was only $98 and some change. I put over 2,000 miles on the car. It was sweet to get that $151 refund. We went straight to Budget rental and picked up the truck to load up my belongings. We started loading later in the afternoon and then we went out to dinner with my Mom and my Daughter and her kids. I said my goodbyes and then Bob and I stayed overnight in a hotel. We started the last leg of driving on Tuesday morning and arrived back in Maryland by 2:20pm tuesday afternoon and immediatley started unloading the truck. We didn't know until later that night watching the news that it was 95 degrees out that day. All along we figured we were near heat exhaustion from being old and out of shape....LOL. It's now Thursday afternoon and I'm still unpacking boxes and trying to get stuff organized.

It's so nice to not have to worry about doing this stuff then stopping to get ready for work. I took a drive today and found a few places I'll need soon. I'm having a good feeling that I'll know my way around soon without panic if I make a wrong turn. I might not venture out onto the highways too soon though.

Now that I'm here and getting settled in, I'll get back to posting more. I have to get used to Bob's computer and keyboard. I really do miss mine.


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