Sunday, August 20, 2006

I don't have time for this!!!

I woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat! I'm not even going to try to figure out how I got it, I just have to deal with it.

Tonight is my last night at work! It was hard to go in lastnight and it's going to be even harder to go in tonight, but it's almost over. I'm going to miss working with quite a few people and thank GOD one imparticular "none stop talking bullshitter" won't be there tonight!! Where do people like him come from anyway???

I made a quick run over to Walmart to get something for this throat. I just plain feel like shit. I have a headache to match my throat....(I'm a whinner I know, but I'll get over it).

I tried calling Mom to see how she is this morning and there is no answer so I left a message. Now I'm wondering if Gloria took her to Columbus with her after all to see my Niece....Hmmm. Guess if Mom doesn't call me back I can always call Gloria to see if that's where Mom is.

Time to go get some extra cleaning done in this apartment. I can't believe I'm almost all done with everything. Yesterday the walls seemed to be closing in on me. Lots of stuff going on and I certainly need a break. I'm actually looking forward to my drive south this week.

I logged on here lastnight in search for "pet friendly" hotels and found a Days Inn in Rock Hill, SC. That is the 1/2 way point from here to Jacksonville, Fl. so I booked it.

I get to see Bob in one week from today!!! I need his arms around me now that's for sure....I miss him so much. Okay...time to get away from the computer and get something done!!


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