Sunday, August 06, 2006

So much to do yet.........

I have only 19 days left before I leave to go to Florida with the dog. Since when I return I'll have Bob with me and we will start loading the u-haul, I have to be all packed and ready to go. I'm nearly all done, but yet everytime I turn around I have created a new mess that needs cleaned up and sorted out. I'm closing the next 3 nights in a row so I only have the morning hours to get anything accomplished. In reality I only have 11 more days of work left....(spread out ofcourse). I'm not counting my days off naturally. It's just overwhelming a little, but well worth getting it all done. I spoke with Deydra this morning for a few minutes and she's still asking how soon we get to leave for Florida. She's so excited about this trip.

I need to hop off here and get back to cleaning up. Somehow it doesn't get done when I'm not doing


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