Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Where's that Damn Button.............

My mind has a 1,000+ things on it today it seems.
My Mom.............She sounds so tired lately.
My Dad.....slipping away it seems more everyday.
My Daughter and her kids.....getting all moved and dealing with being pregnant again.
My Son.....just miss him alot.
Myself.....my upcoming test has been on my mind alot.

I'm in a mood. (not a bad one or even a great one...just a mood)
Too tired to even go to work tonight but have to anyway.
Just want to find that damn button that controls these thoughts so I can snap out of it!

Looking forward to the coming Friday. Taking Heather and Deydra back up to Geauga Lake for more fun in the sun and water!! (hoping now it doesn't rain Friday).


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