Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Modern Technology...yeah right

Woke up at 7 this morning and started to come over here to the computer to sign on and let Bob know I was awake, (we like having a little morning chat while he gets ready for his work day) but for some unknown reason I didn't have internet access. Well having SBC DSL, I have a self help tool on here. It kept getting shut down. I ended up calling SBC to find out if they could figure out why I lost connection and why I couldn't get it back. The woman that took my info over the phone says "you are the 12th caller this morning from your area. There was an internet outage in your area around 6am. The technoligist tell me it should be back on around noon or 1pm." Great. I went outside to sit on the porch and read a book and enjoy the morning breeze when Ev came out to tie up her dog. I asked her if she was having internet problems too (she also has SBC) and she said no that she was just on talking to her mom and checking on some school stuff. Well hell!! I came back up here a little bit ago and call SBC again to inquire why in the same house (I just have the upstairs apartment) that she would have connection and I don't. Well I listened a little closer to the "promps" the recording had and it said to unplug the moden then the computer...wait 20 seconds and plug them both back in (in the same order) and that connection could be restored. So I hung uip and tried it. Well do I even need to say it worked?

Not sure I had anything important to write about today, but it felt good to bitch alittle....lol.


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