Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A romantic weekend get away............

The day started out like any other. Busy morning getting things ready to go and stop by and talk to a few people that needed done before he could leave for a couple of days. The weather was tolerable. The sun was out but it was overcast too. Very warm but not so hot that you couldn't stand the heat. Finally it's time to go. They drove to Annapolis for a stop on the way to the final destination. Once in Annapolis they walked around the historic town which just happens to be the State's Capitol. A stroll through the Naval Academy was halted because she left her ID in the truck. Security says you have to have one to go through the gate. They didn't mind that so much as they just continued their walk around town and came upon the Marina. Lots of yachts to see of various shapes and sizes. Dreams can happen by just gazing upon those yachts. The sun came out and the heat was rising. It felt good but some lunch in the air conditioning was much needed. After a quick lunch at Subway, they ventured back to the truck and headed on down the highway to their final destination. To get where they were headed, they needed to cross over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. She never saw it before and was very impressed by it's size. She loves the water and bridges as it is. If the sun would have stayed out and it wasn't hazy again, she would have been able to capture the bridge so much better. The views were awesome and she kept saying how nice it would be to be able to live in that area. She's positive that some day she wants to live on waterfront property.

Never hearing of Oxford, Md before, she wasn't sure what to expect. She trusted him fully in his surprise. The surprise was the Bed & Breakfast he chose for them to stay at. Oxford, as it turns out, is a very quiet and peaceful community with NOTHING to do there. It even states so in the brochure. " There are 2 things to do here in Oxford. #1 is to hop on the ferry and spend the day in St. Michael's. #2 is to do nothing." They chose #2. You see, they are very busy people all the time. They need a place to unwind and relax and not have to worry about what has to be done by when etc. etc... They found this place here in Oxford. There is no room service. There is no TV in your room. There is no fastfood joint up the road. There isn't even a corner store. What there is, is quiet streets with very few cars going by. There are a few people out taking walks. There is a yacht club with people enjoying their sailing. There is a spectacular view of the water with small open spaces of beach to either sit on or walk along.

She loved his choice of Bed & Breakfast. It was elegant yet "homy" at the same time. Their room was a very nice large room with a private screened in porch. To just sit on the porch nestled together on the wicker loveseat and watch the sailboats go by was so relaxing that they momentarily forgot what day of the week it was. They took a stroll through the quiet town and stopped at the tavern the Inn provided for a few drinks. They walked back to the B & B and sat on the chaise lounges on the lawn over looking the water. The yacht club offered great entertainment as they watched a few sailboat races. Neither of them at all sure what the sailboats were doing and was certain a few were going to capsize, they enjoyed the show anyway. The Inn provided a grand dinner serving their famous crab cakes. She was certain she wasn't going to like them since she doesn't prefer to eat crab, but lobster instead, completely enjoyed the crab cakes!! Highly recommends them by the way. When dinner was over they strolled back for a nice quiet evening to enjoy each other's company. They have been apart far too long. The sun was setting and they took their cameras down to the water front to sit and watch the sunset together,taking as many photos as possible of the hazy setting sun. The few passing sailboats helped make the photos even better. It almost looked planned. Leaning against him, she felt like those passing sailboats, sailing off together in the sunset. (she has girlie moments that she doesnt let him know about).

Wanting to spend even more snuggle time together, they went up to their private screened in porch. The breeze was picking up yet still warm enough to enjoy. He went out and sat on the loveseat in just a pair of shorts. She freshened up and slipped out of her clothes and slipped on a sheer bathrobe. Comfort was the main goal to a good snuggle. Their were a few people in the yard below that were staying in the rooms below them. They thought for sure these people would bother them but as it turns out it added a bit romance to moment. She was feeling the need to be touched and made it know by placing her legs across him while he sat reading the brochures offered by the B & B. She was reading her book she brought to read on the plane trip over to see him. While they were reading, he placed his hands on her legs and she opened up even more to allow him to notice she was bare beneath the robe. He took full advantage of this and she no longer felt the need to read her book but to rather enjoy his touch. As he moved his touch further over her body, she enjoyed the moment fully. She kept her eye on the small group of people below them to make sure no one was glancing up at them. She was certain they couldn't see them in the dark on the porch, but was being cautious at the same time. They both grew more aroused as the touching went on and she was glad the people below went inside their own room as she couldn't just lay there anymore and had to move onto him. It was a very satisfying climactic moment for them both. They needed at that moment to go inside their own room for the continuation of the evening.

To have a place so romantic and not take advantage of it would be unheard of. They left the door to the porch open all night to listen to the sounds of the waves beating on the shoreline. No other sounds could be heard except the breathing of each other as they drifted off to sleep. The morning came early and they welcomed it knowing they were in no hurry and didn't have to be all day. He took an early morning stroll up to the main Inn for coffee leaving behind his much used cell phone. She knew at that moment that he was more relaxed than his been in a very long time. She smiled when she saw it. They took a morning stroll down to the beach and just listened. Peaceful. The skyline looked more clear than the day before so they knew it was going to be another nice day. She found a struggling horseshoe crab on the beach that the tide washed in and helped turn it over and they watched it scurry back toward the water. They collected a few seashells. Mostly all oyster shells, but special none the less to them. It was time to check out of the B & B as unfortunetley they only had it for the one night. They discovered the town was having their 18th annual cardboard box boat races so they ventured down to watch that. They had a great morning and enjoyed seeing the locals having such great fun. Yachts and sailboats and just regular boats came from different areas to anchor and watch the races as well. That was a spectacular morning.

It was time to leave Oxford. Sad and wishing it could last a lifetime, they were happy to know they had photos to look back on to remember every special moment they had there together. They took the ferry over to the other side to go on up to St. Michaels for the day. St. Michael's is a tourist community. Much different than Oxford. There are plenty of shops to visit and souveniors to purchase. They went to the Maritime Museum and saw alot of interesting things from waterfowl to lighthouses. They ate lunch at the Crab Claw restaurant. She saw lobster on the menu and knew she wasn't having anything else. He had a seafood sampler platter. When her lobster arrived at the table all red and well cooked, she was shocked to see it was the ENTIRE lobster and not just the tail. So funny a thought that she took a photo of it before consuming it. They bought a few souveniors to take back and knew it was time to go. Although they were only gone for 2 days, it seemed to her as though they were gone a month or more. It's always nice to be with the one you love and get lost in the moment and loose track of time. The headed back across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and headed for home. The skys darkened and the rains came.

She didn't want to sleep that night. She knew that when she did, she'd wake up in the morning and it would all be over and she would have to leave and go back to her own place. Sleep came to her but it wasn't easy. She hates leaving him. It's the hardest thing to do. She stays strong till she's out of his sight at the airport then lets the tears fall. She only shed a few this time as her airport travels were busy and she didn't have time to dwell on being sad. She nearly missed her connecting flight in Philidelphia as the terminals are several football feilds in length apart and she had to literally run from one gate to the next to get her shuttle to take her to the correct terminal. When she finally arrived at her gate, they had alreadly started to board her plane. She was relieved she hadn't missed it, but sad she didn't have time to call him to let him know she had arrived safely. (someday she'll get a cell phone). She arrived safley back home with time to actually rest for 45 minutes before having to go to work for the night. She misses him so much that when they do get time to be together, she takes advantage of every given moment possible and doesn't worry about the possibilities that she could have been really late to work. He's more important to her.

The have been discussing a future get away........................


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