Friday, June 16, 2006

Now you know why I hate going to the doctor!

So yesterday at the Doctor's office, my appointment was more than just my "yearly" thing. turns out it was for a complete physical. They ran an EKG on me after checkin my B/P. B/P was 130/80 pretty normal though for me a bit high as I've always had pretty low B/P. Anyway, the doc finally comes in for the "exam" and I know they just try to keep you relaxed by carrying on a conversation with you while the entire time they swab you with a cotton swab on a stick that feels like they are trying to go the long way to reach your tonsils. I HATE those exams!!!! Do me a favor and just get it the hell done and stop with the small talk as I'm in no mood at that moment to answwer any goofy question your throw out there! When it's all done and over with they (the doc and his assistant) step out and give you 5.7 seconds to get dressed before knocking on the door to come in and go over stuff with you. Doc starts out with "Now don't worry about this, but I'm looking at your EKG and it appears that the front of your heart is beating slower than the rest so I want you to have an ultra sound done." WHY do they start out with "now don't worry, but"??? 2 months ago you tell me I have high cholesteral and now you tell me the front of my heart beats weird and you want to look at it closer!! But don't worry! Yeah, ok. June 28th I have my mamogram (something else I'm really looking forward to NOT) and then on June 30th I have to get that ultra sound.

How would you react if your doctor said those words to you?


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