Wednesday, June 07, 2006

She's a big girl now.....

Yesterday was her big day. Graduatuion from kindergarten. I was disappointed in the quality of my photos. I had a real off day with the camera. I'll blame it on the spot we were sitting in and how fast they moved the program through. The lighting in the gym was horrible also. Now that the excuses have been put out there, I'll share what I have.

First is her graduating class. She's the one in the purple shirt. Aren't they all just so cute in their little white paper caps!

This is the one I wanted to come out the most and the one I dislike the most. The angle was all wrong, but you can see she's getting her "diploma" and shaking the teacher's hand.

(Heather was certain her dress was too short so she made her wear the jeans under it. )

Here's a video taken with my digital camera that I also didn't think came out too good. They started singing before I was ready so I missed the first part. It's cute though.

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After wards I snapped a few photos with her awards. Not all the kids received them so Heather was a proud Momma that's for sure. Deydra recieved one for Citizenship and for Academic Acheivement. The teacher told Heather that Deydra was the best reader in her class.

Heather is very proud of Deydra for being such a SuperStar Student this year. I give Heather credit for being such a good caring Mom and really working with Deydra.

I had the kids the rest of the afternoon and we went to the park. I'll post those pictures later as this post took longer to get in here than I thought it would.


I removed 3 of the pictures due to the fact that Deydra's full name and the school's name were on her certificates. I just don't think that's smart to show on here.


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