Tuesday, May 30, 2006

it only happens after midnight........

My apartment is upstairs.
It's soooooo freakin hot up here you'd swear it was a sauna.
I left work around 11:30pm and it was still 78 degrees out.
Had to be in the 90's up in this apartment.
Found the dog stretched out at the top of the stairs panting.
I have all the windows open and the ceiling fans on high.
Seems to just move around hot sticky air.
I put the window a/c unit in my bedroom window.
I didn't take my time since it was late and I needed to get to sleep.
Naturally it wasn't level.
Atleast I know it works good.
The room was nice and cool and it didn't take long.
I was awaken around 1am with drips of water on my head.
Yes, my bed is under the window~~~ but not for long.
The a/c unit was dripping condensation all over my pillow.
I was forced to get back up and put something under the a/c unit so it would fit proper in the window.
Damn that was my favorite pillow.
Thank goodness I fell right back to sleep.
The dog woke me up around 6:45 to put him out.
While I'm standing on the porch waiting for him to do his business, I looked at my truck that is parked along the sidewalk and discover my back tire is as flat as a pancake.
Now mind you, I've had this truck for 5 years.
I bought it used.
It didn't come with a jack.
I've been meaning to get one, just never think about it till I need it.
The neighbor guy downstairs is up so I ask to borrow his jack.
I know how to change my own tires.
I've done it many many times over the years.
However, I haven't the "correct" tool to use to loosen the spare from under the bed of the truck.
I just recently purchased AAA again but didn't want to use it for something I can do.
Neighbor finally loosens and retreives my spare.
I thank him and he's now off to work.
Next step~~~~loosen lug nuts~~~~yeah freakin right!!
Why is it that the tire mechanics feel the need to tighten them things so much with those air guns????????
Called AAA after all.
Neighbor guys says it didn't looked "slashed" like I was certain happened.
He says it looked liked I curbed it.
Tow truck driver says~~~~~~~~" Ah, did you curb it on that culvert right there when ya parked it?"
Look ~~~~~~~ I've been parking here for over 2 years now~~~~ I rarely curb it and IF and when I do I certainly KNOW it!~~~~~~~atleast that's my story and I'm stickin to it!
Tire is changed now so how and why it needed it just doesn't matter now does it.!
Now I have to wash my bed sheets and see if I can salvage my pillow.
Pillows are cheaper than truck tires though.
Might just buy a new one.

Just hoping this isn't any indication as to how the rest of my day is going to go.
So how's your morning going?


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