Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yes.....I'm a Dork!!

The day started off rather well~~~don't get this post wrong, it's ending well also~~~just had a dorky moment I need to discuss.
After taking my Mother to lunch at Golden Corral Heather and I came back to my house until it was time to pick up Deydra from school. We all went shopping~~~~for once I didn't spend any money~~~~and decided to spend the afternoon outside on my porch since it was such a gorgeous day. (stay with me, I'm getting there) I thought what a great day to try to get some photos of the kids. I packed my camera bag to bring outside and started to get everything out when the UPS truck pulled up. I was instantly excited because I knew my new zoom lens was on his truck. I felt like a kid at christmas that already peeked at the present but was still excited to open it and finally have the contents inside~~~~yes I peeked at christmas presents!!!! I thanked the UPS man and told him he had impecable timing that he'd just delivered my new zoom lens on time for an afternoon full of taking pictures of the grandkids. He was happy he made my day. So by now Heather and Deydra are sitting with me waiting on me to rip open the box. There it was~~~all wrapped up nice and secure in it's own little box inside the big box. ~~~ Yes I know ~~~you're still waiting for the dork moment~~~~well here it is. I open the box and un wrap the lens ~~~~~~~~~~only to discover~~~~~~~~~I JUST BOUGHT THE SAME DAMN LENS I ALREADY HAVE ON MY CAMERA!!!!!!!!! ~~~~~Go ahead~~~~ I'll wait~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now, tell me that wasn't the biggest dork move of all time. No wonder it wasn't $700. To think I was so happy with the huge deal I had. I sat there on the porch just staring at it. Heather says~~~~~~send it back. I looked at it some more, in total disbelief of my brilliant move and put in on my camera and thought to myself~~~~~what the hell, my camera is 7 years old and deserves a new lens that isn't scratched and all dusty because I was carless in Yosemite 7 years ago and lost all my lens covers. So there you have it. I'm a dork!!!

~~~~~~and ya wonder why I don't spend money on myself very often~~~~~~~~~


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