Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just another day off.........

Well, let's see how today goes.
I have defragged.
I have deleted cookies.
I also did a disk cleanup.
Reset the time~~~though it's useless to do that.

Heather will be coming over today.
She and I are taking my Mother to lunch.
Mom likes the Golden Corral so that's where we'll go.

I'm hoping my zoom lens will be delivered today.
I already received an email stating that it has been shipped.
I refuse to sit here all day and wait on the UPS truck though.

Wow, so far so good at posting "freeze" free.

I missed my morning chat with My Bob.
He's out and about early today with tons to do.
The addition he's been building is coming together nicely.
He received the go ahead from the inspectors.
This week he's getting all the insulation put in.
Soon the drywall will go up and he'll be able to start the siding.
I can't wait to see it completed.
The home owners are very happy with the progress as well.

Perhaps since today is going to be the first really nice day we've had here ~~weather wise~~I'll get some photos taken.
Never knowing what the subject will be makes taking pictures more interesting to me.

Now to go and get cleaned up and get this lovely day started.


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