Tuesday, May 16, 2006

odds & ends

Rain....rain ....rain.....sheesh!! I know they say April rain brings May flowers, but it's May already and we have flowers!!! I'm not a duck...I don't care for this weather one bit. May rains is bring mud and muck and way too chilly temperatures. Enough already!

So yesterday as I was leaving for work...I saw on the sidewalk a most disturbing sight. Seems this little guy was in a bad way.
It was raining out and he caught my eye by going in little circles trying to find the grass by the tree. It's obvious he's blind. He is missing a right eye too. Was he mauled? Was he born that way? I wanted to help him but #1 was sure that if I even tried to get close he'd bite me. Not sure my boss would like that reason for a call off 20 minutes before my shift. So, I left him alone. I feel sort of bad because I had every intention of calling animal control to see about finding a wildlife rescue number. When I got to work there was so much going on I completely forgot about making that call. He's no where to be seen today. Atleast he's not road kill right by my house. That would suck and make me feel even worse. Hopefully nature will take care of him the way it's supposed to, but not by my house I guess.

We had a coloring contest at work for the kids. We picked 2 winners. One boy and one girl. The little girl stopped by lastnight to claim her prize. It was a beach bag filled with tons of little girl things. She was extremely happy.

I took her picture so we could post it at work on the community board. Doesn't she look happy she won? I think she was only 4yrs old. She liked the Barbie kite best of all. It's fun watching little kids be happy. Some of the smallest things just light up their world.

Tab sent me this in an email yesterday. Thanks Tab. I thought it was cute and should share it.

Not much more to post on this morning. It's pretty quiet here. Better get up and away from the computer and get some stuff done before I leave for work at 1:30.


The poor little guy didn't make it very far yesterday. I suppose the good news is he didn't end up as road kill. I found him up by the cement steps that lead to the basement. My assumption now was that something got ahold of him and mauled him. The garbage men have already been here today so now I'm not so sure of the best disposal method for a dead squirrel. I'd hate to have him bagged and sitting in my trash can for a week. The next street over gets their trash picked up tomorrow so I could easliy drop him in a bag and place him in someone's trash can that is in the alley. I just really don't want to mess with a dead squirrel carcas...ewww. Someone has to do it so it might as well be me.


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