Friday, May 12, 2006

I have the day off today and I'm not sitting around here all day that's for sure. I have no exact plans other than to go out and purchase something for my Mother and my Daughter for Mother's Day. I just might take the entire day to do that. I do wish the weather was nicer. It's only going to be a high of 55 today and it's very cloudy and overcast. Sure looks like more rain at anytime.

I have no thoughts that don't seem to be wishy washy thoughts to me so I'm not posting much at all today. I have decided to try and locate this battery thing for my computer as a last ditch effort to keep it from flying out the front window. The time is currently 9am here in Ohio but my computer is in a different time zone as it's only 4:22am. Atleast for now it's on the same day. I have long ago swtiched away from internet explorer as some computer geek somewhere once told me that if I swtiched over to Mozilla Firefox all my troubles would end. They have improved I'll admit that. Having highspeed DSL and having your computer act as though it's in a neanderthol (sp) period of dial-up is a major frustration at it's best. I get those stupid windows that open and say Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close...if you were currently working on something all information could be lost....would you like to send an error report?....No shit I would...but I don't because nothing comes of it. Well, now I'm getting them on Firefox as well and both yahoo messenger and msn messenger either close on me or just freeze up in the middle of a converstation. I thought modern techonlogy was supposed to make our lives easier not stress us to the point to where we want to become distructive. I bet I could make a pretty interesting puzzle out of this computer if I tried. But who would want to put it together? I know I wouldn't.

Okay..I'm done bitching about my computer for now. Perhaps later today I'll post a better post that doesn't contain vulgarity and pissiness. I think that shopping trip is in order about now...................................................


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