Thursday, May 11, 2006

The rain has arrived..................

Yes folks, it's raining outside. Not just a sprinkle either, but rather a large downpour. The winds are blowing strong as well. I can pretty much say that although the ground needs this rain, I do not. I'm glad that yesterday was such a nice day since I had it off. I won't be out in this stuff at all. I'm not a duck and the water doesn't just roll off my back. Unless I'm in a shower or swimming, I have no need to be that wet, thank you very much. I'll just stay indoors today until I have to go out for work later.

I rented a movie lastnight called "Rumor has it". Not having seen any previews I didn't know what it was about. I saw that Kevin Costner and Shirley McClain and Jennifer Aniston was in how bad could it be?. Well, it had some humorous moments (thus it was a comedy after all), but for the most part I didn't like it. Just the simple content alone I guess didn't sit well with me. I'm not for people "testing the waters" so to speak before they get married and I'm sorry, but if you found a man that you thought just might be your Father from a fling your Mother had with him before her own marriage..AND...that prior to that this same man had a fling with your GrandMother (back when they were younger and way before she was your grandMother), would you even let your mind wander to the possiblities of how handsome this man is and let him suduce you???? That's just gross people come on. Is it just me? Ruined the movie for me. So what that it was a myth movie and the spoofed that it was based on the book/movie the "graduate". I simply didn't like it. So why did I watch the whole thing? Beats me...other than the fact that I paid to rent it, I have no other excuse. So what was the last movie you rented that you didn't like but ended up watching the whole thing anyway?

Hmmmm...guess I'm out of thoughts now. This one bedroom apartment seems small when you decide to sit in it all day because it's raining outside. Sheesh, might as well tidy it up some for something to do.

Today is Bob's Son's Birthday and he's over in Iraq. Keep them both in your thoughts if you would today...I know I will.


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