Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The BBQ was rained out......

but that didn't stop us from enjoying Savanna's Birthday. It was good to see some of the family members I haven't seen in awhile. Some were awkward to be around but when you haven't spoken to each other in years it's understandable. It's like what do you say? Savanna is defenatley a Momma's girl. Poor liisa can't leave her sight or she cries alot. You can see the frustration on Liisa's face everytime it happened. Here's Liisa and Savanna.

Shes' a good Mommie and loves having the kids. She's a bit coddling I'll admit but her kids are well taken care of. There sure were alot of little kids there yesterday and I think that was part of Savanna's problem. There aren't that many in their house at any given time. It can be overwhelming to adults let alone a one year old. I'll post a few more pictures I took. I was upset that alot didn't come out. But then again it's not easy taking photos with a 4 month old in my arms.
Here's my Ex-Mom-in-law with Isaac. (Not a good picture....good thing she won't ever see

Some of the kids watching Savanna eat her birthday cake and sampling the icing while waiting for their own pieces.

What a mess she made with this

It was time for us to leave since Deydra needed to get to bed. After all she's a school girl and had to get up early in the morning. Savanna was touching the baby and picked his ear and Liisa had to scold her a It was too cute as she then when for his binkie.

Trying to get all their attention at once for a group picture wasn't happening so I took what I could get.

It rained the entire trip home and I didn't get the kids back to Heather till about 9:10pm. Deydra slept the whole way home so she's should have been fine for getting up ontime this morning. We had a great time and can't wait to visit again.


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