Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Had the day off.................

Spent most of it with Mom. The first thing I did this morning was go to the city tax office to file my city taxes that I kept putting off. Why did I not realize they changed the cut off date to April 15th just like the rest of the taxes? Oh well, what's a $25 fine added to what I owe. I hate that my employers take taxes out from where I work and not where I live. I never used to have to pay. Thank goodness it's not much.

Took Mom to her hearing aid appointment. They gave her a hearing test to see if her new aid is working correctly and it is. We had lunch at Ponderosa. I haven't been in there in years. It wasn't all that great and I doubt I'll go back for a very long time. It wasn't horrible either, just didn't do much for me. We stopped at Walmart since my contacts were in and I helped mom pick out a new pair of shoes. She now owns the same pair of "trekie" shoes as Bob calls them that he and I wear. They are so comfortable and she just has to slip her feet in them and not worry about tying them. (something she struggles with anymore). I found a really cute summer hat for $4.97. I couldn't pass it up. The funny thing is, I only bought it because Bob said he likes a hat on a woman. Mom said I was cute in it. (I think I look silly) If I decide I really don't wear it or even like it, I can always give it to Deydra to play with.

Heather colored my hair lastnight. We went more red than brown this time. Mom likes it. I have to get used to it. I stopped down at Heather's shop so she could trim it too, but she was way too busy. She said it looks orange today. She made me self consious now.

I had a message on my answering machine when I came home from the Nursing home. Seems Dad has been able to swollow puree'd food so they have orders now to take him to the dinning area for all meals. They will continue using the feeding tube through out the evenings from 7pm to 5am though. He has an evaluation coming up next month so I'm calling to schedule that. Hopefully I can get some answers from these people as to how Dad got so bad and almost died during their care. Mom and I had a long talk today about what she wanted and didn't want if and when she ever gets in my Dad's situation. I found out she has me as the one with the power of attorney over her medical. She has that form and a living will. She made it plain to me today that under no circumstances am I to allow a feeding tube to be put in. She says she has lived a full and productive life and if it came to that to just let her go. It seems we keep having these types of conversations now. It's tough having parents getting old and not in the best of health. She's even talking about selling her car soon and getting a senior pass for the bus. She says it's because of the gas prices. I think it's a combination of that and the fact the she doesn't trust her own driving much anymore. She's had so much on her mind this month that she just looks exhausted.

I think I'm too tired to think of much more right now.


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