Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pieces of our puzzle.........

I sit here and try to write, but my thoughts are scrambled.
I suppose if things were easy they wouldn't be as rewarding.
They say patience is a virtue.
Does this mean I'm virtuous? (sp)
I love my puppy very much and would love nothing more than to have him with me where ever I am.
I have to believe that things will work out benificial for all of us.
If my son finds away to keep him, that would be the perfect solution.
My Mom has me leaving already in her mind.
The thing about my Mom is she'll tell you one thing and think another so I just hope she's sincere when she tells Bob that she believes him to be the one for me.
I do believe my Daughter is a bit upset at the fact that I'll more than likely move to Bob's one day soon.
She'll have to get over it if she is.
Tonight she stopped over and asked me if she can have my stereo when I leave.
She also asked when I was moving.
When I said I didn't know, she month?...Two months?....6 months?
I again told her I didn't know.
There are still too many pieces in the equation to work out for a more defenate answer to anyone.
Those pieces are what drive me crazy.
I just want to fix it and make it easier.
But I guess that won't neccessarily make it better or the right way.
I have lots of thoughts about all this stuff all the time.
Bob and I just spoke about the "what if's" if he moved here.
There are uncertainties and we both think about them.
We just don't always disscuss them.
We're currently playing the waiting game for one piece of the puzzle to fit into place then the rest should be easy.
This piece is out of both of our hands currently.
I'd like to say more so I don't sound so confusing, but I'm not at liberty to right now.
Besides...I'm just in the middle of thinking anyway.
My biggest thought is on how much I miss having Bob here.
I still haven't moved the coffee maker dammit.
I don't drink coffee.
It really is taking up counter space.
It's just nice to have that piece of a reminder of him.
Glad I found that t-shirt in the laundry he left behind....that will help also.
I sound like a silly school girl.
I just love how comfortable we are together and I miss that when he's gone.
Hopefully soon this puzzle will have less pieces to fit together.


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