Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back to the same old (boring) routine............

I left for work this morning before Bob left to drive back home. I left at 6:10am and he left shortly after that. He left me a note on my desk for me to read when I got home from work. He wished he could stay here and that's something I sure was enjoying. It was cool to come home from work and have him here. Hopefully soon enough we'll be enjoying moments like that all the time and that we never get tired of that feeling.

I just spoke with him and as I figure would happen, people from both directions on his street stopped up when he got back to admire his new truck. I'm glad I could help him in making the decision on where and on which one to buy. As bad as I felt that he had to stay around here and wait for his check to clear, I'm thankful for all the extra days we got to spend together while waiting.

The place is way too quiet here now. I'm not going to like being here without him now. I need to go give Cerebus some attention as I'm sure he's in "Bob's not here to play with me" mode and pouting. The 2 of them get along so good. I sure wish I knew what the future is holding for us and my puppy. I'm hoping my Son comes through and finds an apartment that allows dogs so he can keep him for me for awhile. Cerebus started out as his dog anyway and I was left with him after David couldn't pay for his vet bills and wasn't allowed to house him where he was living when he lived here in Ohio. Pits aren't banned in Jacksonville so he's looking for an apartment.

I had a discussion with both my kids while Bob was here to tell them that we were certain that I would eventually be moving to Maryland to live with Bob. David doesn't want to see anything happen to where we would have to loose Cerebus. He's in agreement that he's by far the best dog we have ever had. My daughter wasn't thrilled that I was leaving her and the kids eventually, but then asked if she could have my computer if and when I I told her I'd think about it. Hell, if giving her my computer gets her blessing for me to leave then I'd be dumb not to give it to her.

So okay, now I'm rambling on about not much of anything so it's time to hop off here for awhile.


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