Thursday, April 20, 2006

What a week

It's been great having Bob here all this time. I know he needs to get back so he can get cauhgt up with his jobs, but I sure don't want him to leave. The way it seems now, his account will clear tomorrow and he'll finally be able to pick up his truck. I'm off tomorrow and it will be hard for me to watch him leave. I'm thrilled with the extra days this has give us. Yesterday we went to the Wilderness Center with Cerebus and took a few short trails. The weather was perfect and we both have a litte sunburn. While we were walking we rustled up a small herd of sleeping deer. Oh I'm sure they knew we were there long before we saw them, but it was so cool to see them scamper away. We tried to get some photos, but it just looks like trees. We came upon them several different times on our walk. Cerebus was great and well behaved. Even though I wasn't supposed to have him off the leash I did. Each time we saw the deer, I whispered to Cerebus to come here and he just came over so I could hook him to the leash. I don't think he ever saw the deer, or if he did he could have cared less about them. Today Bob and I had some time before I needed to leave for work so we went to shoot some pool. That was so much fun. I won the first game by default and he won the next 2. I sure wish I had this entire day off as well, but soon enough I won't have to beg for together time with him. One day soon, we'll be living together. For now though, I have an hour and a half more so I'm signing off.


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