Sunday, April 09, 2006

How do you apologize for upsetting your family????

I have deleted the posts about my Dad. I could have just deleted the photos, but thought I'd better delete the enitre posts. I first of all had no idea any family member other than my sister ever read my blog. Never once has anyone other than her commented on here. I never intended to upset or hurt any one's feelings with anything I post in here. I want EVERYONE here that reads this blog to understand this............... This is my JOURNAL. My Diary of sorts. I deleted my first blog because I spoke about work in it too much and my GM found it and read it. This is my place for SELF say and post what I feel, think and see. I NEVER have any intension on hurting anyone. I am truely sorry I have offended you. Serenity, I understand how shocking those pictures were to you and Josh, if you are reading this, I'm very sorry if I hurt you as well with those pictures. Out of respect for your feelings, I have deleted them. I'll send emails to my family members for more personalable appologies. I'm hoping that you all understand that I have to for ME....need to be able to FREELY express myself in my journal. It's my only outlet from shit that bottles up in me. When I post in here, I DON'T stop to think first of whom this my offend, or I'll never get things out. I'm just asking for understanding of why I have this blog.


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