Wednesday, April 05, 2006

I should be sleeping........but

My mind is on being there with you.
Every little moment of alone time we had this past weekend was wonderful.
I want so much more time with you.
When I was walking through the airport Thursday night, I couldn't wait for you to put your arms around me like you did.
I didn't want you to let go.
Did I tell you how good you looked?
If not, I'm sorry and I'm telling you now.
Seeing you put a huge smile on my face and didn't mind so much anymore about that noisy flight I had just stepped off of.
I was struggling to stay awake on that metro ride back to your car, and I was so glad you were right there beside me to lean on.
I really missed snuggling up to you and falling asleep in your arms.
It was so go to be able to do that again after so long.
Even though I didn't have you all to myself during the day Friday, I enjoyed sharing that afternoon with you and your family.
As nice as it was meeting the neighbors, I just wish I could have had that extra alone time with you.
I wish we could have taken a longer drive Saturday and perhaps gotten lost.
Maybe one day soon we can do just that.
What a crazy way to spend a plan on getting lost, just as long as we were together to find our way back.
It would have been nice to go see some of those homes we have been looking up.
Hopefully soon we can work on that.
I want you to know that it's all your fault I was smiling so much Saturday night.
You make me feel special.
Sitting at that marina bar was fun.
Maybe we should have gotten one of those tattoos....after all it wasn't permanent.
Perhaps another time we'll do something crazy like that...(as long as it's not real).
I wish I could describe to you better how you make me feel.
I'm so comfortable everytime we are together.
It feels as though we have always been together...and yes that's a good thing.
I love that I can be myself around you.
I don't have to pretend anything.
If I want to be a total goof I can.
If I want to be really serious, I can.
Even when you laugh at me it makes me feel good.
Gives us both something to laugh at really.
This weekend went by way too fast.
I would love to come home from work one day and find you here in my apartment.
I would love nothing more than to here you say to me one day soon...."Turn in your notice at work and start counting down the days until you come here to stay with me."
We have so much to work out and Honey, I'm really trying hard.
I just miss you so much that it's hard to stay upbeat and have constant postitive thinking.
Some days it feels like it's never going to happen.
I feel like you and I are really being robbed of quality time.
I just hope that ends soon.
The day you get that phone call to tell you when you start at the "House", I better be the first person you notify!
I'm looking forward to the day we make arrangements for our final countdown.
I Love You Bob.
More than you will ever realize.
Perhaps now I can lay down and finally get that sleep that is eluding me tonight.
Sleep well Honey and I'll see you soon.


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