Thursday, March 30, 2006


I haven't seen him since Christmas Day.
The last time we spent alot of time together was November.
Some may think I act like a school girl lately but I don't care about that.
All I know at this very moment is that I really miss him and I'm excited beyond words about being able to see him again and spend some good quality time together.
I'm all set and ready to go.
I just have to get this last 9.5 hour shift over with then be on my way.
I slept good lastnight.
I just wish I was still getting more sleep as I'm still pretty tired from all the things I've had to do this week.
If you could only see me smile just from thinking about getting a hug from him.

So let's see now....I'm leaving for work in one hour. I know I won't have my mind 100% on what I'm doing but I'll try. I know the day is going to fly by no matter what. I have to do a last minute check on my stuff to make sure I have it all (including my work uniform for Sunday). Wow am I ever going to be busy this weekend!! *** I pitty the fool that tries to bother me on my day off next week!! ***

For now though, it's time to get a moving and get this show on the road!!

17 hours 25 minutes till landing in Washington DC!!!!!!!


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