Wednesday, March 22, 2006

197 hours and 23 minutes (as of 5pm today)

Yes the countdown continues....(insert really huge smile).

Spent a few hours with Mother today on my day off. I now have a headache the size of New Hampshire!!. Oh don't get me wrong, I love my Mom and it's not a chore to spend anytime with her. It's just that her hearing aids are on the blink and she's only wearing one so EVERYTHING has to be loud as hell for her to hear it. I think I've always been a loud talker, but anymore when I'm with her, I drive myself crazy at how loud I have to be. It seems that for awhile now she has been without her right hearing aide. I asked her today when she was ever going to get a new one and she sat there and told me that she wasn't because she couldn't afford the price they want. Now this reasoning on her part stems from 2 things. #1 My Dad constantly saying how expensive stuff is and that they could never afford to pay what the doctors they don't go. #2 It's partly her age bracket. Older people that have had to struggle and scape hang on the every cent they have thinking they just can't afford what they need. I had to sit there and think before I spoke to her because I didn't want to come across bossy or something to make her feel belittled...(she vulnerable like that from years and years of verbal abuse). I explained to her that she pays for PrimeTime Insurance and that's what you have it for. She honestly thought that hearing aids was something this insurance wouldn't think of paying since Medicare doesn't. I made her give me her Health Care book and looked it up. Turns out she has a $25 c0-pay and that they will pay $500 toward one hearing aid and exam every 36 months. (provided you stay in the network of doctors) I looked it up and found the doctor that did my sinus surgery 6 years ago also does audiology exams. I pretty sure they will allow her to make payments. I made her an appointment for next wednesday the 29th at 10am. She was amazed at how easy that was. After getting that settled I took her to her foot doctor appointment. Every 12 weeks he checks her crooked toes out and trims her toenails and scraps off a calus from the ball of her left foot. (eww I know). I took her down to my daughter's hair salon and Heather washed and cut Mom's hair. I have no clue why my Mom keeps her hair so short. I swear it's not even a 1/4 of an inch long all over. But that's the way she likes it. We browsed through Walmart and she picked up a few things. What a perfect opportunity for me to grab a new outfit for my up coming trip. After all it's Spring and I'm going to Washington DC!!! New clothes should be a must not an (dammit that sounded so girlie...where'd that come from??)

Anyway, that was my day.


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