Wednesday, March 15, 2006

She's tired when she lays down for the night.
Hoping she falls instantly to sleep.
The new "dream catcher" seems to be working.
She hasn't had any bad or weird dreams and sleeps through till morning.
No alarm needed for her.
Why would she when she has "him".
He stirs.
He whines a bit.
He creeeps up beside her.
He stares at her.
He yawns with that whimper thing he does.
When none of that awakens her, he uses his cold wet nose.
She stirs now that something cold and wet has touched her cheek.
She opens her eyes to see "him" staring at her.
He feels successful.
The tail starts to wag.
The whinning increases.
She looks up at him as he stands staring down at her.
She tells him to go lay down.
He nudges her yet again.
Alright already.
She's up, he excited over his victory and runs for the stairs.
He stops to make sure she's following.
She's not.
She's still sitting on the edge of the bed trying to remember she's human.
He jumps back on the bed and wiggles his body in excitement that she's awake.
She shoves him off.
Tired and not all the way awake she follows him down the stairs.
It's cold outside and had snowed during the night.
She's glad he didn't take long.
She makes it back upstairs to find him back in the bed and under the covers.
She thinks to herself how not fair all that just was.
Needing to be up for the day she leaves him alone.
Fully awake now, she gets started on her day.


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