Saturday, March 11, 2006

Foggy morning.

This is a view from my bathroom window. Normally I can see down the road. This is not near as thick of fog that there was when I let Cerebus out this morning at 6:30. At that time I couldn't even see the neighbor's house. Yesterday the temperature rose to about 57º here and rained nearly all day. (Welcome to Spring in Ohio). This morning it was only 35º and it's suppose to get up to about 61º and have more rain. What a lovely forecast. Waking up to fog isn't bad when you have the morning off and don't have to drive in it. I bet it would be awesome to see if you lived in a different setting too. Like say having some woods in your back yard. Living in the city and having foggy mornings looks weird. It's even sort of spooky since you can't even see the houses just a few feet up the road.

Now here's the view from my front window looking up the other street. There are some pretty tall houses on this street and you can't even see the rooftops. I'm thinking of taking the dog for a walk and perhaps this time take my camera along. Would be interesting to see what photos I can come up with. "Fog in the City"...Hmmmm. Yep, that's what I'll go do. Better get a move on before those thunderstorms they are predicting come along. Then before I know it, it will be time to get ready for work later.

Have a great weekend. What's the weather like in your area today?


I should have tried to do this earlier when it was still really foggy out. I hopped in the truck and came down to the Monuement Park to see what I could photograph here. I couldn't believe the amount of people and cars out already. Guess I'm not the only one with Cabin Fever....LOL. I tried to stop and take a picture further away but the "older gentleman" in the car behind me didn't think that was a good idea and proceeded to let me know by the "sound" of his horn...sheesh. The cooler picture would have been where you could barely see the Mckinely Monuement but this will have to do.

I tried to go downtown and get a picture but the sun was beating me. I stopped by the Stark County District Library to get a picture showing the fog downtown but it doesn't look so foggy now. Dammit. It was a good idea though and I'll have to remember this for the next time we have a foggy morning. Normally you can see all the buildings all the way downtown from here and you still can't. I just think I could have gotten better pictures. Maybe next time.


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