Saturday, February 25, 2006

I have some great news!!!!

This is how I found Isaac today when I got to the hospital after work. It seems that a few times throughout the night his little IV line kept stopping. They needed a bigger vein so they shaved the side of his little head and put one there. Heather said in all it took about 45 minutes. Well that was after an attempt in his other wrist. But this isn't the good news. Keep reading for that.

It turns out that after the IV drip and his antibiotics they were pumping into him, that he regained a bit of an appetite. It was good to see him eat 4 oz of formula because ever since Thursday we couldn't get him to take more than about an ounce at any given time. This is good news, but not the great news. Keep reading.

After he ate he wanted to play and kick his legs with much more energy than he's had in a week. It's hard to hold them when you have to be extra careful of that IV tube but I managed. That is the most alert he's been for awhile now. Still not the great Keep reading.

THIS is what Heather needed to see....a true SMILE!! This is her happy baby and we are all glad he's feeling better enough to do that. After I took this photo the doctor came in and asked Heather if she wanted to take him home. Well naturally she said yes. We thought the doctor would release him in the morning. We were both glad we were wrong. She released him tonight!!! Yes...That is the great news. I left before they took out his IV because I had to go pick up Deydra from her other Grandma's house so they could be home together. Before Deydra could come home we had to have a sit down talk with her. She's not aloud to be very close to Isaac. No kisses, no hugs as he's still contagious. The rough part is over for him but we need to make sure deydra stays away or she could get a really bad cold from him. She's too old the doctor said for her to catch the RSV, but not still get a really bad cold. She's dissapointed as she just loves him so much and really missed him, but she promised to be good and not get close. So there you have it. Isaac is out of the rough spot and out of the hospital and back home. He does still have to get his breathing treatments 4 times a day for 2 weeks yet and finish off the ELIXER the doctor prescribed. They gave Heather a stethescope to take home so she can listen to his lungs. They taught her what to listen for and what the different sounds meant. It's good that he's home and hopefully soon will be good as new.


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