Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Baby

This is my baby. His name is Cerebus. He is my constant companion and very loyal to me. No matter how much or how little attention I give him, he's always exstatic to see me return home. Even if I'm only gone a few minutes. Actually I seem to get a better greeting after only being gone a few minutes. I swear he's letting me know how happy he is that I haven't left him here for 10 to 12 hours alone. That's the sucky part about having a pet and you live alone. The poor thing has to be here in the house with no attention what so ever. They get lonely. No one to pet them. No one to play with them. No one to let them out to pee either for 12 hours. How fair is that to your devoted pet and companion??? I would have a huge hole in my heart if anything ever happened to him. He has the best personality I have ever seen in a dog. He is so loving and friendly to everyone. He has some of the cutest facial expressions as well that just compliment his personality. He has a birthday coming up in April and he'll only be 3yrs old. I'm actually thinking of treating him extra special that day. After all, he's extrememly deserving of any and all attention that he gets.

In a few posts back I was asked to show pictures of my dog. I have before, but I'll graciously share them again.

He loves his ice cream cones as much as he loves to play with bottles. This particular bottle was an empty apple juice bottle that he was certain still had some juice worthy of getting out. Well, that's my baby.


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