Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Busy day for a day off of sorts.....

No alarm clock needed today and that was nice. Still I woke up around 7ish this morning. I have a pretty busy day today and needed to get an early start. My dog had a vet appointment this morning @ 10:15. His shots were past due and he needed his allergy shot. (poor pup has skin allergies that flare up now and then). I found out that he's 63.2 pounds today. That's the most he's weighed since I've had him. He got a clean bill of health and the vet says he looks great! Before his appointment I made sure to drive him out to the restaurant I work at so a few of my co-workers could see him. They don't believe I have a pitbull that is sweet enough to be a They believe me now. I love showing him off to people. After his appointment I took him to the pet store (which he loves to go in and get petted by nearly everyone there) and bought him a new "toy" and some turkey jerky treats .... or as he knows them to be..."cookies". I have to be careful the treats he gets and food he eats because of his allergies. He gets the good stuff. I swear by Purina Pro-plan Turkey & Barley. Anyhoo....enough about the dog.

Stopped by Mom's after the dog's stuff was taken care of to balance her checkbook and talk to her for awhile. She bought a movie she was just cracking up over while trying to tell me about it. Turns out she bought a movie with Martin Lawrence in called Big Momma's House. I've seen previews yet have never seen it. It does look hilarious. She loved it so much she can't wait for the 2nd one to come out. I kept the visit with Mom short because she can get rather windy and talk about anything and take up to an hour to tell you just one little thing. I didn't want to feel rushed to get up to my meeting after awhile. so I came home for a bit.

When I'm done with this little break, I have to get ready to drive up to Fairlawn, Ohio (about 45 minutes away) to attend a food manager's meeting for work. Things in that area at work have been improving and I intend to keep it that way. My GM right now has a positive attitude about some things I'm working on to improve the food cost percentage. I need to show them that I can handle this. I'm sure this will be a boring meeting...they all tend to be. I'm really looking forward to being in one of the other restaurants though. I can sorta "check it out" to see how clean and organized it is compared to ours. Trust me....anything has to be better than ours. I hate how unorganized our store is. I've worked on it...but these people I work with are just lazy. Oh well..enough bitching about that.

I should sign off and get ready to go. Probably watch a movie when I get home later. That should wrap up my busy day off.


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