Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Things I managed to get accomplished today....

Waking up was my first big thing today since my body decided it was sore as hell from all the furniture moving lately. I'm sure what has my back out now is moving the coffee table while the TV and such was still on it. (I know I was using my legs mostly so maybe it was from carrying the loveseat up the stairs...oh well).

I babysat Isaac this morning so Heather could do some important errands. Yes I was given a wonderful formula filled shitty diaper that I didn't want to change but had to....ick. (thought those days were way behind me). After Heather came back I ran for my own errand. Went to the bank and bought the cashier's check needed to pay off my truck. Drop that in the mail with a big happy grin. It felt good to be able to do that. Knowing now that my paychecks won't be so stretched is a welcome relief.

Went with Heather to pick Deydra up from school then we all went to Walmart to drop off film and "window shop". We bought some rattle type toys for Isaac since now he's becoming more and more alert to sights and sounds. While we were there I discovered just how out of whack my back is today since I found a sharp pain on the left side of my mid back muscle while lifting the carseat onto the shopping cart. if I didn't already need an excuse to get back into exercising...this sure reminds me to.

Dropped Heather and the kids off at home and decided to treat myself to a movie rental. I picked up Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Now keep in mind that I am not a Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie fan so it's taken me awhile to see this movie. It was pretty good but defenately not worth seeing again.

Funny how I'm sitting here recapping my day off and it sure doesn't seem as though I accomplished an awful lot for being up at 7:30am and it being nearly 9pm. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something more progressive to do while still off work.


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