Saturday, January 28, 2006

Just me thinking again...............

Well, Friday came and big event happened. Work went surprisingly well. The head honcho never did bring by the W-2's as promised..dammit. Hopefully they drop them off today. I really need to get my taxes done. I'm pretty clueless as to even how much I'll have on my return. It's funny how I sit here and think of ways to spent it without even knowing the exact amount. The biggest thing I want to do is pay off my truck. I only have 2 payments left so if I paid one with my regular paycheck like I have scheduled, then pay the last payment with my tax return, I'll have more on my regular paychecks earlier than waiting till April for that to happen. Trust me...if you scraped it by every 2 weeks like I'd be jumping on the chance to do just what I'm thinking about doing. The entire thought of not having to scrape by on pennies is an awesome thought to me. I survive here and nothing is in threat of not being paid (except for the stuff that's been in collection forever it seems) so I really don't "worry"..I just hate being broke all the time. Things are really looking up for me in the finance department so I'm thrilled!! Bob said we didn't wind the mega millions and that sucks...(means I still have to go to work again Which sorta brings up this funny thought about a refridgerator magnet my son bought for me. It says..."This house is owned & operated solely for the comfort & convenience of the DOG!" Yep...I pay $450 a month rent to live in a glorified dog Thank goodness the utilities are included in that.'s what I work for support the "kid" He is after all my big baby.

That's about all the thoughts I have this morning. Now I think I'll go take that big baby for a "brisk" walk around the neighborhood. Sorry honey...I know it's not the gym...but it is a form of exercise none the less. (it's a start anyway).


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