Monday, January 23, 2006

naked jan pics on the beach

do you really think i would post something like that even if they existed??...nah...i value my balls too much
anyways....jan and david got to jacksonville beach before dawn this morning and watched the sunrise on the beach....hmmm.."sunrise on the beach"...sounds like a fruity girlie drink
they had a full day and are relaxing at the moment eatin pizza and watching a movie...obviously she wants the time to last longer but like i told her...these kinda things are only special cuz ya dont do them all the time and the moment doesnt last forever...
i felt real bad today cuz she called me once and i was kinda tied up meeting with a customer, architect and flooring guy all at the same time but alas...she did call again this evening and she understood
and kathi(i think it was you)...i adore jan also...guess im just not as vocal as mebbe i should be but i hope that my actions do show it
at last count jan had 7 rolls of film developed be ready for some pics when she's back....
i may continue to post from time to time here but dont let that stop you from enjoying the site


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