Sunday, January 22, 2006

jan paints jacksonville red

jan is gonna have lots of fun things to tell ya about when she gets back so i wont ruin it for her but i will say....they went to st augustine yesterday and had a great time and as of 10am this morning were headed for IHOP then beachhoppin the rest of the day...seems like alotta hoppin goin on but oh well as long as she's happy....our convos on my calls from her are totally 1 sided as i say.."yes dear"..."wow thats awesome"..."that sounds like fun"...and "have fun"...she is still really excited to be there and despite the fact that she always tries to tell me how "shy" she is...or was....she sure is yakkin up a storm on these calls
and be sure to let her know i was a "good boy" bein in charge of her blog while she was away....think she's a lil afraid ill speak my mind or somethin and p*ss someone off
btw i noticed AFTER i posted previously all yer happy bdays to her on saturday....she had already left and wont see them til tuesday
and i guess while im here ill add one lil personal son, bill, is currently in Fuji undergoing some sorta "warrior training" for february deployment to Iraq(he is USMC)....please keep him and all our men and women that protect our rights and our land and values in yer hearts and prayers every single day
bob out


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