Friday, January 20, 2006

Why did I dream that!!!!!!!!???????????

Ever have one of those dreams that when the alarm goes off you are truely thankful to be awake??? What on earth makes us dream stupid shit. I have never had one of those dreams about being naked anywhere. I've heard of others having them. Well they say there is a first for everything!! I just want to know why I had this one.

I was driving to a grocery I've never seen before and have no clue where I was. When I parked and got out of the car, I was naked!! There I was, just grabbed a cart and started walking through the aisles shopping like it was no big deal. Then some store employee told me I had to put something on to be in there so I told her to find me a large t-shirt. While she was doing that I put on an adult diaper of all things. She never did bring me the t-shirt. The alarm went off and rescued me!!

People believe you can interpret dreams but I've never been one to really believe much of that stuff. This time I want answers!! Where the hell was my mind while I was sleeping and why did it go there?????

Thank goodness today is my last day of work and I'm getting away for a few days....hell I really need


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