Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A day in my life..........

Hopefully soon I'll get "caught up" on my sleep...( if that's possible). Last night at work I was so tired I thought I would fall asleep standing up. I was just glad we had a busier Monday evening that usual or I probably would have. Earlier in the day yesterday I brought Heather & Isaac over here so they could puppy-sit since the City Inspector was finally coming to look over the Landlord's rental property. I just didn't want the man spooked when he walked in to face a pitbull alone. (not that I didn't trust my dog, but it's always better to be safe...you never know when a dog will get defensive over his territory). Heather said that Cerebus was a good puppy all day and was mildly curious about Isaac. Cerebus listens so well that when we tell him "easy" he knows to be gentle. He did his share of sniffing and decided Isaac was fine to be around and went and laid down. My apartment passed the inspector's "inspection" but the landlord was told to replace my kitchen sink. WoooHooo....I hate it anyway. The inspector even told Heather that we have one very well behaved dog....(like I didn't know that..lol). I came home from work at 11:45pm and needed my sleep but Heather & Isaac were up and you know me and my camera just had to get busy. Before I knew it, it was 1am and I was about to collapse. I inflated the air matress so I could sleep on that and Heather could have my bed. Take it from me...never try to inflate an air matress at 1 in the morning. Ten minutes later it was loosing air. Heather came out and fixed it.....we thought. At 3am it was flat. I couldn't sleep at all and the baby had woke and I called out to Heather that it wasn't holding air so she simply told me to come to bed with her. Do you have any idea how hard it is to fall asleep whiile on the extreme edge of the bed so that you can give lots of room to the new mommy and subconsiously tell yourself..."do not roll over"??!! Trust me...it's not much. I woke up at 8am this morning just as tired or if not more tired than I was lastnight. I had some errands I had to get done this morning and Heather tagged along. We had breakfast at IHOP and that was fantastic. My head was pounding and we both were a coulpe of very pale, under rested women that looked as though we went out the night before and "tied one on"....lol We finished our errands and got back here around noon and I fixed the valved on the air matress and fell instantly asleep for a nap until 2:45pm. I'm positive I could have stayed there all night and not thought a thing about it. Heather & Isaac napped too. I went and picked up my grand daughter from my Ex-Mother-in-law and brought her here so Heather & her could spend some quality time together. We all went out for dinner and ate Chinese. I dropped them off at Heather's apartment and I get my sanity back for atleast one evening. I'm giving my Ex-Mother-in-law a break and taking Deydra to school tomorrow and picking her up in the afternoon for them. So my guess is that tomorrow I loose some of my sanity that I'll regain tonight. Only 11 more days till by birthday trip to Florida to see my son. I need the time away, but somehow I just know I won't rest then either...lol. It's such a joy to have the family grow, but oh my goodness it's so draining. I'll be glad when things get back to semi-normal and Heather gets her car back and can start driving again. Pretty soon I'll have another completed roll of film to get developed and share. For now though...it's time to go stretch out and read a book.....and if I fall asleep...that won't be so bad.


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