Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year to Everyone all over the World

Click here for a Happy New year greeting for all my friends in Blogland. I wish you all Peace and Joy and Happiness for the New Year. With today being the last day of this year I thought I would reflect on what this year has been like for me. I'll try to re-cap it the best I can.

January - I turned 44. Bob's flight was cancelled so he couldn't come here to
see me so we could celebrate our birthdays together.

February -Bob made it here and we ended up celebrating our birthdays as well
as Valentines day together. Wished Bob a happy 45th birthday by
phone. Helped my daughter celebrate her 26th birthday.

March - I walked off my job at Subway exactly a year after going back to them
because of the way I was treated. I spent 9 wonderful days with Bob
and his family over Easter. I also got to help Bob work at the
townhouse he was remodeling in DC. Wished my Niece a happy

April - I started my new job at the restaurant I'm currently working at. Started
my 1st blog.

May - Helped my son...(my youngest child) celebrate his 24th Birthday. Went
visit my other niece to take pictures of her new baby girl.

June - Took a 3 day weekend and visited Bob again. Put my son on the plane
that flew him to Jacksonville, Florida to live.

July - Celebrated my grand daughter's 5th birthday at the lake with my

August - Went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame parade for the 1st time in years
and took some cool photos. Helped my Mom celebrate her 73rd
birthday. Made a homemade card to mail to Bob's Mom for her 78th
birthday. Picked Bob up at the airport so he could spend a 3 day
weekend here with me. Wished a great nephew a happy birthday by
email. Wished my Nephew (little nephew's dad) and his wife a happy
6th wedding anniversary by email. Wished my best friend Cheryl and
her hubby a happy 6th wedding anniversary too.

September - Had my 1st ever colonoscopy. Had 2 polops removed that were not
cancerous. Wished my parents a happy 51st anniversary.

October - worked my tailend off and don't recall much else for this month.
Deleted my 1st blog and started this new one.

November - spent the best 9 day vacation in my entire life,with Bob. We even
took my grand daughter to go see the Care Bears Live concert. I got
to meet Bob's sister Valerie while on vacation.

December - Worked.....worked...and worked some more. Recieved the greatest
surprise ever for Christmas this year when my Bob flew in for an
overnight visit to be with me for Christmas.

How was your 2005??

In reflecting back over this year, I'm certain I missed some things I did. I just can't recall it all. I do know that this year has flown by. They say every year goes by faster. I am hoping this New Year coming doesn't fly by so fast that I forget things I've done. I'm sure the most important ones have stayed in my mind. (the use a my calendar helped I want to let each of you know that I'm glad to have been associated with you if only here in blogland. It's been fun and I hope to enjoy your visits and I intend to continue my visits to you as well. This year has been filled with plenty of ups and downs and my downs were mostly self brought on. I'm positive this new year coming has many great things waiting for me and I intend to grab on to all of them.

Happy New Year!!!


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