Wednesday, December 28, 2005

24 days from now......

I'm excited about what happens in just 24 more days....not only will it be my birthday but due to My Bob's wonderful early birthday present, it's the day I fly down to Jacksonville, Florida to see my son for a few days. Can you believe I'll be 45 years old already?? Sure don't feel like it....well some days I do but I try to ignore those My son says he's going to do his best to have a Birthday party for me since I've never had one. I'm not quite sure what he has in mind since it will only be himself, his roommate Phil and Phil's girlfriend but I'm sure no matter what he comes up with I'll have a blast. I haven't seen David since he left June 30th to move to florida. This will be awesome. Bob did a very special thing when he bought those plane tickets for me. So since I love to have a count down to special things, this is my most current one.


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