Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas came early..........

Many of you know I have been feeling down about the Holidays and it not feeling like it was Christmas. Alot of that was due to the fact that I have been worked to death with all the nights shifts lately. The stressing of playing the "waiting" game with my daughter as to whether or not she will go into labor at any moment plays a big part in my feelings as well. I have to admit the biggest reason I have been down is I simply have been missing Bob an awful lot. He has been a real stinker lately in keeping the biggest secret ever. He had his flight booked for about 2 weeks and couldn't say anything since he was trying to surprise me with a visit for Christmas. It wasn't until today when his flight from Dulles International landed in Detroit for a connection to Akron/Canton did I get a phone call from him saying...."You better watch better not cry......(at this point I started to cry because I was certain he was telling me he couldn't get away to come here) better not pout....I'm telling you why...SANTA IS COMING"!!!! I was crying and excited and nervous and relieved all at the same time. I had to ask him if he was really coming and where was he. When he told me he was in Detroit headed for Akron/Canton....I couldn't hold back my tears and he said...."no're supposed to be happy". I was extremely happy...just tons of stress bottled up came out at once. As soon as I hung up the phone...I couldn't stop looking at the clock. At that point he was going to be here in just a little over an hour. I finished work and picked him up and haven't let him out of my sight since.....(even now as he's watching me type this). I'm so thrilled that he's here. The only down side to this visit as he has to leave early tomorrow. I did however get the #1 item on my Christmas list and that was to simply be able to sit on Santa's lap on Christmas Day. I called my Mom and Daughter so they would all come over today for our Christmas gift exchange. Everyone is gone now and it's just us 2 ( and the dog that is hogging Bob at the I just had to come on here and let everyone know that I did infact get to be with my Bob on Christmas. I couldn't have wanted anything more than that.....(except a longer visit).

I feel so much better and at the same time feel sorta silly for allowing myself to get so down. It's just so hard to be away from him like this. I hope you all are having a great Holiday with your loved ones. I wish you all Peace and Joy.

Hugs to all.......Merry Christmas.

Jan & Bob


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