Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've been tagged

I have been tagged to play along with this game by Pirate. Though I'm sure I've done this before or something similar...(I'm too lazy to go through my archives to see)...I enjoy these so I'll play along again. Just a side note for my dear online blogger friend Pirate....(it's JAN...not it goes..............

What was I doing 10 years ago?: Wow..nothing like making me put on my thinking cap!!!...let's December of 1995 was the year I reconciled all differences with my ex-husband and decided to accept him just the way he was. My Children were still in school and I was working for Subway as a Multi-unit manager. I was just struggling along as a single mom of 2 teenagers and working full time.

What was I doing 5 years ago?: December of 2000 was a tough year for both the kids and myself. My Daughter gave birth that year to my little grand daughter so she was only 5 months old at the time and it was also the first Christmas with their Dad gone....(he'd passed away in April). My Daughter and I were still getting back together on speaking terms after a falling out the year before while she was pregnant. 5 years ago seems like a lifetime ago but it really wasn't was it?

What was I doing last year?: I was back working at subway after not having been there in 9 months.....I hated it and wondered why I was even back....I'd already worked there for nearly 18 years.

What was I doing yesterday?: woke up pretty early...talked to my Bob for a little bit...went to the store for milk...sat and visited with my daughter and opened a package that came UPS with a christmas present in it from MY Bob's brother....he sent me a flower bulb to plant in a really nice vase...(Amaryllis)...took my daughter to the dollar tree for stocking stuffers for my grand daughter then went to work from 2 to midnight.

5 yummy things I like:

1.) Chocolate

2.) Carrot Cake

3.) Baked Sweet Potatoes

4.) the smell of Vanilla

5.) Banana Nut Muffins

5 things I know by heart:

1.) My Social Security Number

2.) My license plate Number

3.) My Daughter's Social Security Number

4.) All the numbers I use to call My Bob....the 1-800 # of the calling card the 10 digit pin number then all the numbers of both his cell phone and house phone...(I do not own a cell

5.) the safe combination at work since leaving it on day-lock is forbidden and I have to get in and out of it repeatedly on any given

5 Things I do if I had lots of money:

1.) See my family members living comfortably.

2.) Travel to the places I've always wanted to go.

3.) have a much better clothing arrangement with stuff that didn't resemble my work

4.) Be out of debt

5.) Not worry about living far away from family since it would be easier to travel more often to see them.

5 places I'd escape to:

1.) Ireland

2.) Australia

3.) Hawaii

4.) Africa

5.) Alaska

5 Favorite TV shows ......(this will be tough since I don't have TV and have no real clue what's even on

1.) CSI

2.) House...( I think that is the name of a show I caught last month while on vacation)

3.) Law and Order SVU

4.) ???

5.) ???

5 Things I would never wear:

1.) My birthday suit in public

2.) Spike heels

3.) A mini-skirt

4.) leather pants

5.) those plastic rain hats that little old ladies wear when it

5 Things I enjoy doing:

1.) journaling in here

2.) spending time with my grand daughter

3.) taking walks

4.) napping

5.) shooting pool or going bowling which I rarely get the time or have the extra money to do anymore.

I'll tag Gloria and Jenny, Nelly and anyone else that would like to do this....just let us know you are doing it so we can stop by to see it.


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