Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sneaking in a post

I should be in bed....but I've only been home from work now for about 15 minutes. It's freezing cold here. It is only 3ยบ and my truck didn't even heat up until about 8 minutes from my house. If only I didn't drive a 5 speed I could have a remote start and a warm truck for nights like this. Work is going pretty good...it just sucks that I've been on all these night shifts lately. I have another one to go tomorrow night.....(guess that's tonight since it's after midnight...sheesh). I'm off on Wednesday thank goodness. That night is my little Grand daughter's Christmas assembly at the school and I will be there video taping her kindergarten class signing. I'm so glad we found that camcorder battery. We have been using the camera around here for a little while so we can get used to using it before the assembly.

I have been feeling alot better but still not completely over this irritating scratchy throat and weird cough. Tonight my ears are hurting again. I have to put in some more drops when I go to bed. I wanted to thank all of you that stopped by and left well wishes for me. That was very nice.

I'm surprisingly done with my Christmas shopping!!!! The only thing I have left to do is to stop by Wal-Mart and purchase a gift card for my Daughter. I only had a few people to get things for so it was pretty easy to get it all done in a few days. If I only knew what to do with my Bob's presents. He's so busy working on this addition that I don't think he's going to be able to get away for Christmas. I promised him I wouldn't get my hopes up last month when he started to try to make it. I asked him if I should mail them to him or hang on to them and after a pause, he told me to hang on to them just in case. The weather for him this week is going to be ideal working outside weather and I know he has alot to get accomplished. Besides, trying to fly out on such short notice over Christmas has to be expensive. I promised him I'd be a big girl and be understanding if he can't make it here. That doesn't mean I can't be disappointed. Guess I have to keep waiting to see what happens. I Love him no matter what. I know that one day we won't have to worry about whether or not we can get together for a holiday.

Oh dear....it's nearly 1am. I have to get my butt to bed and get some good rest. Tomorrow(today) is here and I haven't been to sleep yet!!!!

This is what I'm missing about now.............


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