Friday, December 23, 2005

Bragging about my Bob.....

Bob is a private kind of man. He hates to be the center of attention. He is very talented and smart and I just feel the need to brag about him for a little bit. He has worked at various different jobs in his lifetime, yet the thing he enjoys the most is building. Working with his hands and seeing immediate results is something he enjoys. I may be biased, but I have to say he's damn good at what he does. (I have to be careful not to get too personal with this). All the work he does is 99.9% all done by himself. He likes working alone so he doesn't have to worry about what someone else is doing. He knows his own ability and trusts his own judgement. If something were to go wrong, then he did it. I'm going to show you what he's been working on for the past few months now. I'll have to post them in "link form" as for some reason blogger won't work with me here and post them the way I want them too. I hope you enjoy seeing his work. Here is phase one...the foundation. Here is the 1st floor of the addition...(which I got to help put down on a quick visit there back in September). Now keep in mind, Bob doesn't always take pictures so that I have each and every step of the way. Here is the walls on the 1st floor of the addition. Here's another angle of those walls. A few days later...more work on the same walls and a post added for support of the 2nd floor work. After he got that far, he laid the floor for the 2nd story of the addition and added the framing for the walls. (another angle ). Adding more walls and framing for the 2nd can really see it taking shape. Days later still, the roof framing began. Further still....more walls and roof framing. This old vent system had to be removed to make way for the addition and the new roof framing. Here's another angle of the new roof framing he put up recently. This is what he's done today. As you can see, he's getting the boards up on the new roof. Soon he'll have the addition ready to put on roofing shingles. He's also nearly ready to get it closed in by adding the windows and insulation. Before you know it, he'll be ready to tear out the old house wall and make the neccessary adjustments needed to ("blending" as I'll call it) the addtion to the main house. I look at all this progress he's made and I sit back and find myself in awe. He is amazing that he does 99.9% of this ALL BY HIMSELF!!. He is not a man that boasts about himself. He just does what needs done and doesn't see all the fuss. I'm just amazed by his abilities and I wanted to share him with you. Bob reads my journal nearly everyday.....(he's so gonna get me for

I love you Bob...I felt compelled to share you the best way I knew how. I love that you work so hard and take such pride in your work. I have enjoyed working with you on a few occassions. I hope to be able to work with you more often in the future. Keep sending me your progress and before you know it we'll have that portfolio put together for you. Hoping to see you soon...I miss you.


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