Friday, December 30, 2005

I'm very angry at the moment!!

I truely don't understand how things are done anymore. It used to be if you post dated a check to pay something and asked them to hold it ...they would. Oh no...I'm in a new century of "electronics" and things aren't done this way. I am not a person that writes checks. In fact I should have opened a savings account not a checking account but the automatic deposit has to be done with a checking account. Anyway.....I feel the need to bitch about this to get it out of my system so I can get on with my day. 2 weeks ago I opened a new checking account due to the fact that I switched banks. I signed the neccessary paperwork for my paycheck to be automatically deposited...(something the company I work for does for us). The problem isn't with that. On the 30th of each month, I have an automatic withdrawl come out of my checking account for my truck insurance. I have had this done now for a few years and it works beautifully...until now. I had the insurance company stop the autopayment since I changed banks. I have recently signed and sent back the new papers so they can set this new account up with the autodeductions. I needed to send them a check for December's payment though. All I had at the time were the starter know the ones without your name and address etc.....but she said that was fine. I told her that the money would not be in my account until the 30th and that I would date the check for that date. Because of the Holidays I sent the check out so that my payment would be recieved ontime. This entire time I'm thinking things would be fine. I had everything set and in place. Well....guess again!!! I logged onto my checking account this morning to make sure my direct deposit was in my account and I was pleased to see that it was. However, the dollar amount was smaller than it should be....(I'm on salary so it's always the same). Upon further looking over my account I see the bank has charged me an overdraft fee of $32. WTF!!!!! this time I'm starting to get boiling mad. I didn't do anything to cause this overdraft. After all it's a brand fucking new account and I know how much money I had in there. Come to see the check they returned was none other than my insurance check that was processed on the 28th of December!!!!!! I immediately called my insurance company demanding an explaination!! Oh, well that was a waste of time. I was simple told that everything is done electronically and when they recieve a check for payment they process it. I said BUT HOW CAN YOU DO THAT IF IT WAS DATED FOR THE 30TH!!!! She simply said they don't take postdated checks and she appologized for any inconvience about me being told I could send the check out. appologize??!!! So Yoy will remburse me my $32 overdraft fee then?? No Ma'm I won't because you sent the payment to us for payment. I was not a very nice person at this point and used many colorful words of expression when she said this to me and she told me I had to deal with my bank for the fee that was charged. Well I wasn't very nice to the guy at the bank that I talked to either when he said that if I wrote the check there was nothing they could do about it since the check arrived electronically and they don't use dates. I wanted to scream so bad. This is the reason I do not write checks other than for my rent. No one can explain it to me WHY checks can get processed before the date they are written for. It's times like this that I detest most of modern technology. Bottom line is this......I paid my insurance with a check from an account that had insuffient funds in it so I'm out the $32!! That is Bullshit because I knew exactly when the money would be there and if they would have cashed it on the date it was dated for, it would have cleared with no problem. Guess I should have paid it late.....but then they would have charged me a late fee so I still would have been screwed. I never have overdrafts!!!! I know exactly how much money is or is not in my account down to the penny at all times and do my bill paying accordingly. For anyone reading this and wondering....I don't have everdraft protection because I don't qualify for it. I'm working on that....but shit like this doesn't help.

What a way to start my has to get better!!!


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