Monday, January 09, 2006

What day is it anyway????

It's been quite the crazy few weeks for me that's for sure. The constant anticipation of "the" phone call everytime the phone rang at work expecting it to be Heather calling to take her to the hospital to the actual hospital and delivery and all that entailed. Working all the night shifts too. I'm drained that's for sure. Heather is doing so much better. I have talked to her several times today and she's very upbeat and sounds so good. She'll be over here today and we will spend the morning together then I have a long night ahead of me. She'll be spending the night with the baby so that should be interesting. I was going to just post an audiopost today, but I sound Trust me if you heard me right now you'd swear I was the one that gave birth from the exhaustion in my voice. (it could be that it's after midnight and I'm just getting home from work too). My blog will be so not a normal one for awhile until things around here get settled down. I have been talking to some people at work about this CD not loading and they recommend that I just get a CD cleaner and run through it. Hope that works and I can get it done before work today...(I have tons to do in a very short time). Hang in there...the photos are coming soon.

**** This is for Gloria..... I'm sorry...I wasn't thinking to ask you first. I will the next time.****


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