Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My trip to Florida

I loved my trip. From start to finish it was funfilled all day everyday. My flights were ontime and that's always a blessing. I took some airal veiws. I love being above the clouds and looking down at them. I took one that has the moon in it, but it's hard to see it. I didn't have any trouble getting a rental car this time. It was a very nice ride too. It was a Saturn ION with less than 6,000 miles on it. David and I put about 364 miles on it by the time we were done driving all over the place. We went to St. Augustine my first day there. But not before we went back to David's so I could "freshen up" and get out my hot jeans I wore down there. He had the place all decorated for my birthday and Phil and his girlfriend were setting my cake on fire as we pulled Thank goodness it was a small cake, or we would have had to call the fire department. Naturally I had to humor them all and blow out the candles. After that it was on the road to St. Augustine. That's about any hour away from where David and Phil live. (By the way, Phil is my son's room mate and best friend since the 4th grade). St. Augustine is a historic town and has a fort that is pretty cool. It was closed by the time we found it, so all we could do was walk around the grounds on the outside. After spending quite awhile there, we ventured on over to the tourist part of town where the shops are. It's a nice little village with tons of different types of gift shops. We spent alot of time walking around and I had my sandals on. I havent' walked to so long in them, that my feet started to hurt a little, but I stuck it out. We left there around 6 as I was gettting pretty tired by then. (I was up by 4:30 a.m. to be at the airport in time to get my luggage checked in). The day was catching up to me quickly. We stopped at the store near his apartment to get some snacks and some wine coolers for me. (so yeah, I'm a cheap David took me out to dinner at this little spot near his house and I just had some roastbeef while he had steak. I really wasn't very hungry. We made our plans to go to the beach on Sunday. We just couldn't decide which beach to go to. Phil suggested we go up to Fernandina Beach. It's up at the farthest tip of Florida nearly to the Georgia border. It didn't seem to take that long getting there. We went through Amelia Island but didn't stop to look around. I hear it's another nice tourist spot. These are some of my photos from Fernandina Beach. Seeing the Ocean was fantastic. David and I got a kick out of the seagulls and little sandpipers that would run away from the waves as they rolled in. David thought it was funny to make our foot prints in the sand so we layed a shell down and he put his right foot by it then I put my right foot by it on the other side. He made fun of me because my foot is nearly as big as his.. I can't help it if I have big feet for a We were searching the beach for seashells for me to take home. Sometimes you rarely see any then you'll stumble across a few scattered here and there. Then you hit the jackpot of seashell piles like this one. (That by the way is my favorite photo from my entire trip. I plan on getting it blown up poster size to hang on my wall. I'm very proud of that find and how the photo turned out). On our way up to this beach, we drove by what appears to be some nuclear power plant. It makes me think of 3 mile Island. David had to get a photo of it. David took alot of photos while I was driving.
I guess I got ahead of myself because before we ever went to Fernandina Beach, we went to downtown Jacksonville to Jacksonville Landing. It was a Sunday morning so nearly everything there to see or do was closed. But atleast I got to see it and walk around. Downtown Jacksonville has some pretty cool this one that I sat on the sidewalk to take a picture of. David took some photos too for me. Like this one. I'm not very fond of having my picture taken and it probably shows in photos like this one. I thought this was interesting. It's not everyday someone like me gets to see a coast guard patrol boat with machine guns on
To top the day off, David captured some pretty cool photos of the sun setting on our way home. It's spectacular the way the sun makes the clouds look mysterious. This was the last sunset photo he captured. That is a summary of my 1st 2 days in Jacksonville, Florida. I'll share more tomorrow.


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