Thursday, January 26, 2006

My trip to Florida (continued)

While David and I were at Fernandina Beach on Sunday he was saying how he would love to see the sunset over the ocean. I reminded him that he'd have to be in California for that since the sun sets in the west. He laughed at that "duh" moment then said.."ok, I'll take work off Monday and we'll go to Jax Beach (Jacksonville Beach) and watch the sunrise". After he assured me that he wouldn't get into trouble by not showing up for work, we did just that. We woke up at 5a.m. and made it to the beach way before sunrise. Here is the gate house to the pier. The flash reflected on the misty air. I should have left it off. Wonder why it didn't do that when I took this Picture of David? was just as misty and dark...oh well. I hope you enjoy seeing these sunrise photos as much as I loved seeing the real thing. (be sure to click on "each" underlined word for a different photo) I completely forgot to put the UV lens on my camera so as the sun came up more, the photos came out way too light. I was just in awe of the sunrise and forgot all about it. We went out on the pier after the sun was up more and found this guy begging for a handout. Oh, not the guy fishing, this guy here. I took my camcorder to the beach that morning also. We have not only the sunrise on video, but also the pelican going after David because David found a fish to feed to him. That beak has a huge claw on the end of it and you don't want that to come in contact with you that's for sure. It was a fullfilling morning. After the sun was up, we took another stroll down the beach for a long time and I gathered more seashells and even used a film canister to gather some beach sand to bring home to my grand daughter. If you haven't noticed anything about my photography yet, I'll let you in on a little secret. I enjoy taking photos of "odd things". Here's and example of what I mean. That was a shrimp head I found while looking for seashells. We also found several dead jelly fish, but I refrained from taking a picture of that. However, I couldn't resist these two photos. That little puffer fish was stuff soft. He had to have just died and got washed up on shore with the tide. After a long walk on the beach, we left and went back to David's. While there I decided to finish off the film in the camera on all their "pets". David's bearded dragon "steve". David's white snake. Phil's Boas. Niki's dwarf bunny and other bunny....(no these are not food for the snakes)....but these guys are eventually. They bought the rats to breed them so they save money for everytime they need to feed the snakes. ( I hate snakes by the took alot to sleep there ). This is Phil's red coral snake.

All in all I had a fabulous trip and can't wait to go back again sometime. Hope you've enjoyed my "slide show". Thank you all for stopping by. Now it's off to the shower and get ready for work.


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