Sunday, January 29, 2006

How to have a stress free day........

It's simply....just go back to bed and stay there and let the day pass you by. Otherwise you could end up having a day like I had yesterday. I'm thinking now that it only happened because I was thinking of a positive way to spend my tax return. I discovered a hug puddle of antifreeze under my truck yesterday morning. Since I parked it in a spot I don't normally park in, I didn't think it was from my truck. So I simply moved it to the "normal" spot. Sure enough, I look and there it is........."drip"....."drip"....."drip" yeah you get the picture. I immediately get this tension in the back of my neck. I know what it is. I didn't want it to be that. I wanted it to be something simple like a loose clamp or hose. I called Valvoline since they did my last oil change and I knew they have a policy that they "top off" your fluids in between oil changes. I tell them what I see and ask if they can look at it and tell me where the leak is coming from and if it's just a hose, could they replace it for me. I was told that they aren't allowed to do that, but if that's all that is wrong and if I got the hose, they would put it on for me. So off I go. Was told all hoses and clamps are nice and tight and that the drip is coming from the seal around the water pump. Great! Not something I wanted to hear. Back in November when Bob and I were on vacation, my machanic friend that worked on my brakes told me then to keep an eye on that water pump. He said it looked like there was evidence of a past leak and that if it leaked again it would need replaced. Dammit!! Now I'm thinking...."Oh sure..only 2 more payments the it's paid off and now things are going to start falling apart on it!". Well my mecahnic friend gave me a quote on approximately what it would cost for a garage to fix it. I found a garage that was about $30 cheaper than his quote so I felt that was pretty good. Naturally I was stressing over how I was going to pay for it. Then I was stressing because I didn't have my W-2's yet to have my tax return done. Well I got the truck to the shop and my daughter took me to work and picked me back up at midnight lastnight. The shop closed at 4pm yesterday and they never called me and they are closed today, so I won't know if they even got to it yesterday until I get to talk to them on Monday morning. I hate being without a vehicle. I finally calmed down yesterday and ended up having a pretty good night at work. It's being taken care of, so there isn't a reason to stress over it there. I just figured the best way to avoid a stressful day is to simply sleep the day away......wonder if that would really work???


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