Monday, January 30, 2006

How my Monday was spent.

Well, after working till 11:30pm Sunday night and getting home around midnight, I didn't fall asleep till about 12 :30am. Set the alarm for 6a.m. and it went off like it was supposed to. My Mother arrived at 6:50 instead of 7a.m like I told her to so she could take me to work. I had to stop by the garage working on my truck to see what the damage was. Naturally since Mother was early, we had to wait for the shop to open so Mom bought us breakfast at Burger King. We went back to the shop at 7:30 so I could go find out if the truck was done. Well, it turns out they would have had it done on Saturday but they discovered I had another situation other than the water pump. It seems my serpentine belt was full of cracks and small tears. (it was I saw it) Since the belt was over 3 years old and I had driven the truck very many miles since the new belt was put on, I agreed to having them replace the belt. (I have to baby this truck along's practically paid off!!) He says he could probably get the belt cost down to about $50 for me.....but.....that wasn't the main issue. There is a part on your engine that helps hold the tension on said serpentine belt called a tensioner. It's spring loaded and once they get it moved to put the belt on it's suppose to spring back into place and hold the tension just so. Well, not my tensioner, oh no. Mine was not "springing" back into place and wouldn't hold tension correctly which in turn would cause more engine damage after awhile witht the belt not being tight enough as the engine turned. $200 later then the truck would be fixed. What are you gonna do, something like that pretty much is a no fix it. He says the truck will be done in about an hour. I told him that was fine but I had to work till 5pm and the soonest I could come back to pick it up was 6p.m. Not a problem he says.

While at work, I was doing my opening manager thing....sanitizing the soft serve ice cream machine and putting it back together and setting up the fudge pump etc. etc..... when the GM comes up to me to remind me that I needed to take lastnights deposit to the bank and bring back the 2 deposit slips so she can finallize the bookwork. I gathered my stuff up to go and nearly walked ou the restaurant only to remember....I didnt have a vehicle. We both laughed about that one then she went for me. I had to call and cancel a food manager meeting I was suposed to have today at 1pm, because I had no way to get there. (it's rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon). I spent a good portion of my day setting up the food prep charts for the entire week. I've been told that I'm now 100% in charge of food cost control. That has it's benefits and draw backs trust me. It's great if you hit the proper percentage each week and period because if you do, you get a bonus. Trying to "maintain" honest non-nibbling employees is not so easy. Yet something I'm very used to dealing with in the past. I spent the other portion of my day trying to "cover" another employees shifts. All because he was being busy making insurance premiums rise again. You may be wondering what the hell I'm talking about here, so allow me to explain this. Around 4pm yesterday, said goof-ball employee (28 yr old self proclaimed pot-head) drove to work in his rickety astro van (he has no license or insurance by the way) and pulled into the back parking lot. Upon his arrival, he sees 2 grill cooks, 1 server and the borrowed GM in training all standing out back inhaling cancer sticks. He decides at that point he's 12 yrs old again and that it's time to "show-off". He nearly hits the server's truck as he accelerates around it and trys to "impress" the guys with his parking manueverabilty....only they all swiftly discovered, (including him) that he has no such thing. He slammed on the brakes while attempting to slide into a parking space. Not just any parking space, but the one right by the dumpster. He never made it to the parking space because the pavement was wet from the rain we had earlier in the day so everything locked up on him and he crashed right into the dumpster gates. He blew out is rear tire and a side rear window busted out spewing glass all over the parking lot. The impact was so hard that the grease dumpster was pushed up against the main trash dumpster and the gates were so bent that they wouldn't close. He fortunately was unharmed. Now that property damage was involved in his stupidity, I was instructed by the GM to call and file a police report. We also sent the employee home. He was certain he was going to jail since he didn't have insurance or a license. Must have been because he was on company property at the time, that he didn't get taken to jail or his van impounded. So getting back to today, this employee had to go to court today over this. He was scheduled 11 to 8 and naturally between the high school and college kids we have, we found zero availability to cover his dumb ass. Thank goodness we were slow and never needed him. He called later in the day to say he had to go back to court in 2 weeks. I then informed him he wasn't allowed back to work until he spoke with our GM.

The owner brought the W-2's today. I was all excited thinking that I could finally file my taxes tonight. Nope...he left the management staff's at the accounting office in Cleveland and promised to bring them tomorrow. Dammit!!! Oh well, what's one more day right??? I got a phone call around 4pm today from the Owner/manager of the garage where my truck is. He says...."your truck has been completed now for about 4 hours". I said cool but when I was in this morning I told the guy there that I had to work till 5pm and the soonest I could pick it up and get it paid for was 6pm this evening. (obviously someone failed to let him know that). Good thing he said that was fine, because there was not way to get it sooner. So after my Daughter came to pick me up, I retrieved my truck (that My Bob graciously took care of) and came home for the evening. I got to talk to my son for the 1st time in a week. We had a nice 15 minute conversation. He just isn't a phone person and never knows what to say when he gets on one...hehehe. I told him I'll call again in another week.

After putting some vacation pictures into some frames I have around here, I have nothing else left to do tonight but to sit here and relax. I enjoy so much having my evenings free and not stuck at work. Now to go spend some good quality time with the dog so he'll stop pouting at my feet beacuse I won't play tug-o-war with his black rubber


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